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Chemistry Optional Books List for UPSC Exam

Chemistry is an interesting Optional subject for UPSC Civil Services Exam. Chemistry Optional is a scoring subject if aspirants have sound knowledge in it. What Books Should you Refer for UPSC Chemistry Optional: Read this Article for Chemistry Optional Books List for UPSC Civil Services or for UPSC Chemistry Optional Books List. Here we provide Important books for Chemistry optional for UPSC IAS Mains

Sl No. Best Chemistry Books For IAS Exam Amazon Flipkart
  Physical Chemistry
1 principles of physical chemistry BY Puri, Sharma and Pathwa Buy  
2 Advanced Physical Chemistry By Gurdeep Raj Buy  
3 A Textbook of Physical Chemistry – Vol. 4 By Kapoor K L Buy  
4 An Introduction To Electrochemistry By Samuel Glasstone Buy  
  Inorganic Chemistry
1 principles of inorganic chemistry by Puri, Sharma and Kalia Buy  
2 Concise Inorganic Chemistry By J.D. Lee Buy Buy
3 Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry BY Malik, Madan and Tuli Buy Buy
  Organic Chemistry
1 Advanced Organic Chemistry By Francis A.Carey and Richard J Wothers Buy  
2 Organic Chemistry By Clayden, Nick Greeves, and S.Warren   Buy
3 Principle of organic synthesis By Norman and Coxon Buy Buy
4 Advanced Organic Chemistry By Reactions, Mechanisms And Structure Buy Buy
5 Organic Spectroscopy By William Kemp Buy Buy
6 Reaction Mechanism in Organic Chemistry By Mukherji and Singh Buy Buy
7 Organic Chemistry By Stanley H. Pine Buy Buy
8  Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds By P. S. Kalsi   Buy Buy



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  1. Hi, 
    For Chemistry… 
    It is one of the most scoring subject
    Also, Its syllabus is fixed and questions are static and simple in nature
    Questions are repeated..
    No need of books at all, if you solve previous year question papers..

    We are working on solving questions papers chapter wise and then revising…
    We are 5 in group need, 5 more…. 
    See you soon  

    We will take 2 chapters each … solve previous year papers from 2000-2016 and make ideal Solutions… And share with each other…
    We will have GO TO EXAM ready material only in 15-20 days..
    So, then we can focus on prelims and GS Papers

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