Indian History Objective Type Questions MgiEdu

Indian History General Knowledge Objective Questions and Answers Test-1

1. The only Neolithic settlements in the Indian subcontinent dating back to 7000 BC lies in

A. Rajasthan
B. Kashmir
C. Sindh
D. Baluchista

2. The Jain text which contains the biographies or histories of the Tirthankaras is known as

A. Bhagavati Sutra
B. Adi Purana
C. Kalpasutra
D. Uvasagadasao

3. ‘The place of birth’ is the English meaning of a prominent Neolithic settlement in India, originally known as

A. Mehrgarth
B. Burzahom
C. Chirand
D. Belan

4. Which of the following prehistoric sites have shown remains of bone implements

A. Belan Valley
B. Bagor
C. Burzahom
D. Chirand
a) A and B
b) B and C
c) C and D
d) A and D

5. In the History of the earth, man is said to have appeared in the

A. Permian period
B. Paleocene period
C. Paleozoic period
D. Quaternary period

6. Ragi cultivation in south India is said to have begun by

A. 5440-4530 BC
B. 8500 BC onwards
C. 12500 BC onwards
D. 2500-1500 BC

7. The earliest Harappan seal inscriptions so far deciphered are in

A. Brahmi
B. Prakrit
C. Kharosthi
D. None of these

8The first urban culture in the Indian subcontinent developed during the

A. Fourth millennium BC
B. Third millennium BC
C. Second millennium BC
D. First millennium BC

9. The crops cultivated by the Harappans included

A. Wheat, barley, and mustard
B. Barley, groundnut, and rice
C. Wheat, rice, and sugarcane
D. Wheat, cotton, and sugarcane

10. Which of the following cities witnessed both the Harappan phase

A. Chanhu-Daro
B. Banawali
C. Lothal
D. Kalibangan
a) A and B
b) C and D
c) A and C
d) B and D

1)  D. Baluchistan
2)  C.  Kalpasutra
3)  B.  Burzahom
4)  D. Belan Valley and Chirand
5)  D. Quaternary period
6)  D. 2500-1500 BC
7)  D. None of these
8)  C. Second millennium BC
9)  A. Wheat, barley, and mustard
10)  D. Banawali and Kalibangan

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