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Indian History Questions for | UPSC | BPSC | SSC | Railway | TET | Post Office | Police Exam MCQ with Answer

1. The author who describes the Revolt of 1857 as the ‘First War of Independence’ was
A. Ashok Mehta
B. V D Savarkar
C. S N Sen
D. R C Majumdar

2. The capital-seat Gangaikondacholpuram was founded by
A. Kulottunga I
B. Parantaka
C. Rajendra I
D. Rajaraja the Great

3. The cultural background of Revolutionary Terrorism in Bengal had been strengthened by the writings of
A. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
B. Michael Madhusudhan Dutt
C. Rabindranath Tagore
D. Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar

4. The Chola inscriptions are found in the following languages
A. Sanskrit
B. Telugu
C. Tamil
D. Kannada
Their correct sequence in terms of the extent of which they were used ( most frequent first, least frequent last) is
a) A, C, B, D
b) C, A, B, D
c) A, C, D, B
d) C, A, D, B

5. Modernization of Muslims in India was initiated by
A. Badruddin Tayabji
B. Abdul Latif
C. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
D. Syed Amir Ali

6. The Jain text which contains the biographies of the Tirthankaras is known as
A. Kalpasutra
B. Bhagavati Sutra
C. Adi Purana
D. Uvasagadasao

7. Who among the following had written a treatise on fanciful technological devices
A. Mahipala
B. Bhoja
C. Chandravarman
D. Govindaraja

8. Consider the following statements:
In the second Buddhist Council held at Vaishali, Buddhism was divided into
a. Sthaviravadins
b. Mahasanghikas
c. Vajrayana
d. Kalachakrayana
Of these statements
A.  A and B are correct
B.  A, C and D are correct
C.  A, B, C and D are correct
D.  B, C and D are correct

9. Lord Macaulay was associated with
A. Codification of laws
B. Reforms in the army
C. Permanent Settlement
D. Abolition of Sati

10. The territorial revenue assignment in the Delhi Sultanate was known as
A. Tuyul
B. Jagir
C. Iqta
D. Milk

1. B) V D Savarkar
2. C) Rajendra I
3. A) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
4. B) C, A, B, D
5. C) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
6. A) Kalpasutra
7. B) Bhoja
8. A) A and B are correct
9. A) Codification of laws
10. C) Iqta

Indian History Questions for UPSC BPSC SSC Railway TET Post Office Police Exam MCQ with Answer
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