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Introduction to Cyber Security

A shortage of cyber security experts is a threat to the world in these modern times. Everyone is vulnerable to cyber-attack. From your family member to the President of the country, no one is safe from the cyber terrorists.

As we enter the digital age we are becoming more and more dependent on the internet. With this dependence comes a huge threat which is the security of the personal, national and global is at risk. The cyber terrorists work hard to get all the data and money from various sources. Terrorists disrupt the lives of people living in any country and its government through cyber-attacks. The sad thing is that despite these dangers the cyber security field remains barren. It’s been on the sidelines in terms of national priority.

What is the importance of cybersecurity

As the risk of cyber-attacks increasing for both individual and company, there is a need for IT security professionals to understand the cyber security concepts. Now let us understand cybersecurity. Cyber security involves things like

• Protecting your privacy online
• Keeping the details of your bank accounts private
• Securing all the data of small business to big corporate companies
• Defending the cyber-attacks on a country’s defense systems and protecting against unauthorized access to the secret government files.

With over 50 percent of the global population connected to the internet, cyber security courses are very crucial. The internet connection all over the world is on the rise thanks to the advances in mobile technologies. Nowadays Smartphone has become an affordable tool, therefore, more and more people are connecting to the internet.

Scope of cyber security

Students who take up cyber security courses are bound to make it big in government as well as private sectors.
By the year 2019 rolls in the world will require a total of 6 million cyber security experts but as the way things are going now, there will be a shortage of 1.5 million cyber security experts by that time.

The estimated worth of the global cyber security industry will be 220 Billion US dollars by the year 2021. With the way people are feeding on the internet, the demand for the cyber security will increase in the coming future. Government and private sectors all over the world are offering lucrative packages for cybersecurity professionals.

Cyber security courses classification

Fresher courses: These are for the undergraduates who want to make a career in cyber security. These courses are recommended for students who have skills in computing, complex calculations, and formulae.

Professional courses: These are for professional IT experts. These courses are made for people, who want to work in IT departments of banks and government.

Informal courses: These courses are available to the people like students, housewives, and senior citizens. These courses teach its aspirants basic cyber security.

Job opportunities in cyber security

All the cyber security degree enables you to defend the computer operating systems from cyber-attacks. There are many career options in the field of cyber security like

Chief information security officer
It is a mid-executive level post, work is to supervise the IT security general functionalities of an organization. The main responsibility to look after the planning, designing, networking and data security of the IT devices and employs security. Minimum qualification requirement is bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science.

Forensic computer analyst
Forensic computer analyst is detective in the cyber security world, work is to secure the employ or client’s personal and financial information. To recover the data from the destroyed devices. Minimum qualification requirement is bachelor’s degree in computer security or forensic computing.

Information security analyst
Responsible to keep the information of any organization secure from cyber-attack through securing the computer systems and networks. Also responsible to recover the data and information from the system under cyber-attack. Minimum qualification is bachelor’s degree in computer science.

There are more career options like penetration tester, security architect, IT security engineer, IT security consultant and for all these minimum qualifications are bachelor’s degree with information technology, computer science or cyber security.

Certification institute for cyber security

Microsoft Visual Academy: Operated by the tech giants Microsoft, this institution provides over 35 online courses in cyber security. They are available for people all over the world.

Apple Training and Certification: Operated by another giant in the tech department Apple, it provides cyber security courses regarding macOS and OS X.

International Information system security certification consortium: One of the most important certification in the cyber security field, this is a non-profit organization whose objective is to provide certification and cyber security worldwide.

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