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UPSC History Optional Book List | History Books for IAS | Best History Books for IAS

As the notification for civil services exam 2018 is released, many applicants might be looking for best history books that will help them the most in the written exam preparation for the optional subject. Candidates preparing for UPSC exams often get confused over varieties best history books for UPSC book availability in the market. From the huge bunch, it becomes difficult to choose which one is better and how it will help their preparation in the right direction

Civil services exam is not a cup of tea to be cracked by anyone. You need to invest all your hard work to get the best output.The civil services exam will be conducted once in a year, the huge number of candidates will app in response to the advertisement. To be one step ahead among others, you will have to go through as many best ias history books as possible. The candidates have become more aware of choosing the best history books for IAS 2018 exam would make them become toppers.

Here is the compilation of the history books for UPSC exam mainly targeted for those who are working hard to achieve the top rank in the exam. Most of these books focus on providing the complete knowledge about the syllabus for the subject that you selected as optional. These books are the true study materials making a great sense to all of the aspirants. IAS Exam Books | Books for UPSC Mains | IAS Preparation Books

Book Name Author
Books for Medieval India: A History of South India K.A. Nilkantha Sastri
Ancient India and Indian Archaeology Archaeological Survey of India
Ashoka & Decline of the Maurya  Romila Thapar
Indian Feudalism R.S. Sharma
Material culture & Social Formation in Ancient India R.S. Sharma
Medieval India (NCERT) Satish Chandra
Medieval India (Macmillan) Satish Chandra
The Agrarian System of Mughal India Irfan Habib
The Marathas Gordon
The Mughal Empire J.F. Richards
Urban Dynamics H.C. Verma
Anatomy of the Raj (PPH) Suhash Chakravarty
Gandhi B.R. Nanda
Modern India (NCERT) Bipan Chandra
Freedom Struggle (NbT) Bipan Chandra & others
The Raj Syndrome (Penguins) Suhash Chakravarty
Modern India (NCERT) Bipan Chandra
Modern India (NCERT) Bipan Chandra
Modern India (Macmillan) Sumit Sarkar
India’s Struggle for Independence Bipan Chandra
Gandhi Judith Brown
The Wonder That was India (Volume.2) S.A.A. Rizvi
Peasant Movements in India D.N. Dhanagare
The Raj Syndrome (Penguins) Suhash Chakravarty
VAID’s Fundamentals of History Series J k vaman
Administrative History Pravin Kumar
Constitutional History Pravin Kumar
Social History Pravin Kumar
Freedom Struggle Pravin Kumar
Books for World History Albert
Age of Empires E.J. Hobsbawm
Age of Revolution  E.J. Hobsbawm
Age of Capital E.J. Hobsbawm
Industry & Empire E.J. Hobsbawm
Contemporary World History (NCERT) Arjun Dev
Social basis of Democracy & Dictatorship B.J. Moore
The Mainstream of Civilization Strayer, Gatzke & Harbison
The story of Civilization, Vol. 2 (NCERT) Arjun Dev

It is the desire of every young aspirant to do great for their country in every possible way and these best history books for civil services exam brings you closer to your dream. They are written in the simple language that helps you understand most of the topics in a better way.

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