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Chemistry Optional Best Books for UPSC Civil Services, IAS & IFoS Mains

Book for Chemistry IAS | Chemistry Optional Book List | IFoS Optional Chemistry Book

Although there is a lot of time for the examination, candidates should be confident while choosing an optional subject.  Chemistry is one of the favourite subjects for many people who are attempting either for first or second time. For those doing self-preparation without taking anyone help and are looking for the Best chemistry books to prepare for IAS exam 2022, we have got a handy list in this article. Are you searching for searching for best chemistry books for UPSC optionals or for the materials which cover all topics in mains chemistry paper, just go through the below-given books which are written by experts?

Other than main subjects all the applicants have the right to select one optional for IAS 2022 exam. Chemistry is an optional subject; the syllabus got drastically changed since the amendment of new rules. We have added the best chemistry books for UPSC civil services exam that match with the latest syllabus. It is divided into two papers; hence candidates need to update themselves to do well in the examination. If you are a science student, no doubt that chemistry is the best option.

1. Principles of Organic Synthesis, 3rd Edition By Norman and Coxonhttps: Click here

2)Reaction Mechanism in Organic Chemistry By S.M. Mukhaerji : Click here

3)Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds By P. S. Kalsi: Click here

4)Principles of Physical Chemistry by B.R Puri ,Madan S.Pathania: Click here

5)Principles of Physical Chemistry by Puri, Sharma and Kalia: Click here

6)Advanced Physical Chemistry By Gurdeep Raj: Click here

7)A Textbook of Physical Chemistry – Vol. 4 By Kapoor K L: Click here

8)An Introduction To Electrochemistry By Samuel Glasstone: Click here

9)Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reaction And Synthesis (Part B): Click here

10)Organic Chemistry 2nd Edition By Clayden, Nick Greeves, and S.Warren: Click here

11)March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms and Structure 7ed: Click here

12)ORGANIC SPECTROSCOPY 3rd Edition By William Kemp: Click here

13)Organic Chemistry By Stanley H. Pine: Click here

14)A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry by Peter Sykes: Click here

15)A textbook of physical chemistry by K.L. Kapoor: Click here

16)A textbook of organic chemistry by Bahl & Ba: Click here

17)Selected topics in inorganic chemistry by Malik: Click here

18)Principles of Physical Chemistry by Puri, Sharma & Pathway: Click here

19)Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee: Click here

Chemistry Optional Best Books for UPSC Civil Services, IAS & IFoS Mains

         Book Name    AuthorDescription
A guide to mechanism in organic chemistryPeter SykesTo make an easy-to-understand approach to the subject, this book has been segregated into different chapters including those on structure, reactivity and mechanism, radicals and their reaction, elimination reactions and linear free-energy relationships
A textbook of physical chemistryK.L. KapoorGet to know the basics of physical chemistry in this edition.
A textbook of organic chemistryBahl & BaThe book authored by him is considered to be the best text-books of Organic Chemistry in the country. He has earned a name as the author of Chemistry Books which are recommended in almost all the Universities of India and even in some of the Asian Countries
Selected topics in inorganic chemistryMadden, Malik, TuliA thorough understanding of the principles and basic concepts of physical chemistry is essential for a good grasp of the subject. It provides an extensive coverage of the topics discussed focusing on the applications of the principles involve
Principles of Physical ChemistryPuri, Sharma & PathwayThe Content of the book is very great. All the topics are oversimplified, which is good for the first-time applicants. Every topic has been divided into a number of chapters for better understanding
Principle of physical chemistryPuri, Sharma & PathwayPerfect one for civil aspirants. It is good for short and easy understanding!
Organic Chemistry Reactions and reagents–O.P. AgarwalIt is good but it has a lot of additional information .Go for this book only if you are preparing for civils.
Extradition of metals, Principle of inorganic chemistryPuri, Sharma, Jauhar. It is the Best book for UPSC aspirants with good examples.
An advanced inorganic chemistryJ.D. LeeThe book is aimed at senior undergraduates and first-year graduate students; this book offers a principles-based approach to inorganic chemistry.

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