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MgiEdu is known for the excellent class 11th coaching in Delhi. We recognize that this year is an important chapter for a successful and bright career ahead. Our expert faculty is well-trained in mentoring youngsters to excel in their upcoming CBSE 11th examinations. Join us now to ensure a successful academic life ahead.

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MgiEdu is renowned as the best coaching for class 11 in Delhi. The use of new and unique teaching techniques helps students learn the art of smart studying. Our learning methods have proven successful for numerous students to excel and score highest and made us the number #1 CBSE class 11th coaching center in Delhi. We have a faculty made of some of the most talented tutors who specialize in their chosen subjects. The faculty share a common passion for teaching that makes MgiEdu the best CBSE tuition for class 11 in Delhi. Join us now for a fruitful academic life ahead.

About Our faculty

MgiEdu faculty is passionate about teaching. Rajan Sir, Dinesh Sir, Sanjay Sir, and Dhiraj Sir are renowned for using new and unique teaching methods for best learning. Using their immense experience and innovative learning techniques we have helped numerous students to excel in the class 11th exams till date.

Why Choose Us

MgiEdu is the best class 11th coaching center in Delhi. This has been possible thanks to the innovative smart studying methods used by our immensely experienced faculty. Check out the four main points that make us the best coaching institute for class 11 in Delhi.

Expert Faculty

MgiEdu has the most experienced faculty dedicated to teaching the various subjects for CBSE class 11th coaching in Delhi.

Smart Learning

MgiEdu uses special smart learning methods to ensure that you get the best tuition for class 11 in Delhi and excel in your exams.

Constant Evaluation

MgiEdu keeps your performance at peak with regular tests planned as part of our class 11th coaching classes in Delhi.

Additional Effort

MgiEdu provides all-round assistance, apart from simply teaching the course, which makes us the best CBSE 11th class coaching center in Delhi.

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MgiEdu is home to the best tutors and teaching methods, making it the best 11th class coaching center in Delhi today. The highly-trained faculty has been responsible for guiding numerous CBSE 11th students to excel in their exams. The use of innovative teaching techniques has proven highly effective in successfully learning the nuances of English, Hindi, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, etc. The overall atmosphere here is refreshing for passionate learners like you. To be a part of the best class 11th coaching in Delhi, simply fill the form alongside now.

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Our Subject

MgiEdu offer CBSE students the best coaching for class 11th in Delhi. We have expert tutors who have specialized experience in their chosen fields of knowledge. With their expertise assisting you can easily master these subjects and excel in your upcoming class 11th exams result.



MgiEdu prepares students to excel in this subject with the excellent class 11th history coaching in Delhi. Using new techniques Dhuiraj Sir successfully teaches all about Early Societies, Empires, Changing Traditions and Paths to Modernization which consists the four sections of the final exams.


Political Science

MgiEdu teaches you the best with the efficient class 11 political science coaching in Delhi. Dhiraj Sir is an expert at teaching the finer details of Indian Constitution at Work and Political Theory, which make the two sections in your class 11th finals.



MgiEdu Economics tuition for class 11 is the best way to learn the seemingly-complex aspects of economy easily. You will learn all you need to know about Introductory Microeconomics and Statistics for Economics, which are the two main sections in your CBSE class 11th economics paper.



MgiEdu provides the best class 11 English coaching in Delhi. Using unique teaching tools, Dinesh Sir will help you to master Unseen Passage, improve your Creative Writing Skills and presentation at the Seminar as well. Join now for the best class 11th English tuitions.



MgiEdu is the best place to get CBSE class 11 math coaching in Delhi. Sanjay sir is an expert at teaching students Sets and Functions, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, Mathematical Reasoning and all about Statistics and Probability to help excel in their class 11th finals.



MgiEdu provides the best Accounts tuitions for class 11 in Delhi to CBSE students and helps them to learn all they need about Financial Accounting, which includes Theoretical Framework, Accounting Process, Computers in Accounting and Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship from Complete and Incomplete Records as well.



MgiEdu provides physics tuition for class 11 in Delhi and covers all 10 units that comprise the entire paper, including Physical World and Measurement, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work Energy and Power, Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body, Gravitation, etc.



MgiEdu is the best chemistry tuition for class 11 and will help you to understand the topics covered under the syllabus effectively. We successfully cover the whole 15 units and you can easily excel in your class 11th chemistry with us.



MgiEdu provides class 11 biology tuition for CBSE students in Delhi. With us you will easily learn all about Diversity of Living Organisms, Structural Organization in Plants and Animals, Cell: Structure and Function, Plant Physiology and Human Physiology successfully.

What They Say


Which is the best coaching for 11th in Delhi?

The best coaching institute in Delhi for 11th class is probably at MgiEdu. Here, the expert faculty is renowned for using innovative teaching methods to help students learn each and every subject in the best possible manner.

How to choose the best 11th class coaching center in Delhi?

You can choose the best 11th class coaching center in Delhi by checking to see if they have a faculty made of expert tutors, such as at MgiEdu, the leading CBSE Tuition Classes for Class XI in Delhi.

Which is the best Commerce coaching for class 11 near me?

You can find the best commerce coaching for class 11 near you in Delhi at MgiEdu, the leading coaching center for CBSE junior college in the city. Sanjay Sir has helped numerous students to learn the basics of accounting and successfully pass their accountancy paper with excellent marks.

Which is the best Economics coaching class for 11th in Delhi?

The best economics coaching class for 11th in Delhi is MgiEdu because, here, students learn the fundamentals of economics with the help of excellent teaching tools. The faculty is expert at teaching the finer points of the complex modern economy of today efficiently.

Which is the best coaching class for 11th near me?

The best coaching class for 11th near you in Delhi is MgiEdu. As it has the most well-trained and passionate teaching team and uses new and innovative teaching methods, MgiEdu has become the place to get the best tuitions for CBSE class 11th students in Delhi today.

Which is the Coaching Institutes in Delhi for Class 11th?

MgiEdu is the best Coaching Institutes in Delhi for Class 11th for CBSE as it provides comprehensive study solutions apart from the regular tutoring for all subjects. Here, the reputed faculty uses unique ways to teach the finer aspects of subjects to students that are highly successful.

Where to get the best English tuitions for class 11th in Delhi?

You can get the best English tuition for class 11th in Delhi with MgiEdu, the leading CBSE coaching center in Delhi today. Here, students learn the intricacies of the language and improve their written and spoken English skills remarkably with the expert knowledge of Dinesh Sir, our esteemed English faculty.

How to choose the best Math coaching classes for 11th in Delhi?

You can choose the best math coaching tuition for class 11 in Delhi by evaluating the past performance, type of faculty, their expertise and additional USPs. MgiEdu is said to offer the best 11th math coaching in Delhi as they have Sanjay Sir, an expert at teaching math who make mastering math easier.

Where to get the best Physics tuitions for 11th in Delhi?

You can get the best physics tuitions for 11th in Delhi only at MgiEdu. It is the leading class 11th physics coaching center in the city and is renowned for providing students with the best learning techniques to help them excel in this tough subject.

Why choose MgiEdu for CBSE class 11th coaching in Delhi?

You should choose MgiEdu for CBSE class 11th coaching in Delhi as it is a proven way to success for numerous alumni till date. The students of MgiEdu learn using inventive teaching techniques that prove far more efficient in learning as compared to conventional teaching methods.

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MgiEdu is focused on providing all-round assistance and tutoring to help CBSE class 11th students to excel in their exams. CBSE latest news, articles, blogs, and updates are provided in this section to help students be prepared in the best way for their performance in exams.

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