Economics Optional Books for UPSC IAS Mains Exam

Economics Book for UPSC | IAS Economics Optional Books | Economics for UPSC

When it comes to studying for an optional subject like economics in UPSC civil services exam, the most important thing is to give you plenty of time to cover the entire syllabus. You generally need to revise best economics books for IAS exam 2018 many months before the examination date.

1) Modern Banking by R.S. Sayers: Click here  
2) Outline of Monetary Economics by A.C.I. Day: Click here 
3) National Income Accounting by Neethu: Click here  
4) Monetary Theory and Public Policy by Kenneth Kurihara: Click here  
5) International Economics by H.G. Mannur: Click here  
6) International Economics by Salvatore: Click here  
7) Macro Economic Analysis by Edward Shapiro: Click here  
8) International Economics by Bo Soderston: Click here  
9) Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh: Click here  
10) Economics by Paul A. Samuelson: Click here  
11) Indian Economy by R. Dutt and KPM Sundaram: Click here  
13) Growth and Development by M L Jhingan: Click here  
14) Dictionary of Economics by Graham Bannock and T.E. Baxter: Click here   

You will need to allow more time to go through the entire syllabus that covers the entire course. Once you know the exam date and have an idea of topics, make a study timetable and take the help of best economics books for UPSC exams for making the preparation process easier.

When you plan to study the entire syllabus just before the exam, it all gets jumbled together and you usually end up more confused than when you started.  Preparing for the IAS 2018 exam without referring best economics optional books for UPSC is the worst way, don’t do it. Knowing the best books for UPSC optional is vital when planning your study.

All the topics that you need to study for attempting the paper will feature in the books which we have mentioned in this post. Reading the economics optional book for ias isn’t the best way to prepare for Civil services exam, you should also try to solve previous year question papers.

Focusing on books written by top authors helps to save time and increases the chances of cracking the exam. Here is a collection of some collection of best economics books for UPSC optional.

Book Name Author Book Description
An Introduction to Economics A.W. Stonier and D.C. Hauge


With this book, the author tried to help the students with little or no previous knowledge of economic theory who intend to study the subject systematically and provides a general introduction to the theory
Banking S.B. Gupta  It deals with the banking system in India, their rules and regulations.
Dictionary of Economics Graham Bannock; T.E. Baxter, Ray Rees You will understand all economics-related terms after carefully going through this book.
Economic Growth and Development Mayer and Baldwin It is a leading textbook in economics which provides students with a complete and balanced introduction to the requisite theory, driving policy issues, and latest research
Growth and Development M L Jhingan  It is highly preferred book my many professors to teach subject to their students. Consider this if you are preparing for IAS 2018 exam.
Indian Economy Mishra and Puri Read this book if you are  new to the world of economics
Indian Economy R. Dutt and KPM Sundaram It presents a comprehensive survey of the Indian Economy in terms of GDP growth and  developments in various sectors
Economics Paul A. Samuelson It is to get an overview of the most important issues and concepts in economics.
Indian Economy Ramesh Singh The book provides details idea about Indian Economy. Civil service aspirants need t have a look at it because the book covers every section of the Indian economy in detail.
International Economics Bo Soderston The new edition deals with International Economics and contains a comprehensive treatment of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject applied in economics.
Economics Choice Koutsweanik  Go through this book to enhance your skills in economics.
Macro Economic Analysis Edward Shapiro It is the book for  enhancing economics background with full detail of its fundamental

International Economics

H.G. Mannur or Salvatore The latest edition deals with long International economics. It is very useful for UPSC aspirants.
Monetary Theory and Public Policy Kenneth Kurihara Monetary Theory and Public Policy is as relevant for an understanding of current economic problems
National Income Accounting Neethu This edition mainly deals with macroeconomic issues and the macroeconomic variables.
Outline of Monetary Economics A.C.I. Day


The latest edition covers the most comprehensive overview of monetary economics and monetary policy.
Modern Banking R.S. Sayers You will come across modern banking principles and recent developments in the industry.


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