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How to prepare English exams class 10?

CBSE class 10 English examinations are very important as it requires reading and writing skills with perfect formats and grammatical skills. The central board of secondary education (CBSE) class 10 board exam conduct in the mid of March every year and many students get troubled by thinking a lot how to prepare English exam class 10?

If you are worrying about CBSE English exam and not understand from where to start the actual preparation and then you need not worry. Here are some tips to study English exam that will help you to complete your exam in 3 hours without anxiety.

Attempt section-wise in the exam: – As you know English exam consists of three section A, B and C i.e. reading, writing and literature. Section A has passage type questions and if you know the answers when you first attempt it and secure the best marks. After that move on to the section B and write the concise and clear answers of the known questions and last but not the least move to last section C and write the answers by following the pattern style of the English exam in your textbooks.

Learn summaries from every chapter: – If you want to attempt the literature /poems section in the exams accurately and you feel trouble in memorizing the concept then it is easy to learn the summaries from the end of the chapters and you will easily learn them. You can also practice by solving some guess papers and books exercise.

Revise everything before appearing final exams: – It is good to revise each and everything that you learned and you can remember till the end. When you learn everything, grasp it by heart. You must give you full attention and concentration towards your studies then you can achieve a better result. Revision makes your base strong and when you start revising then it makes the clear pictures of the desired sentence, in your mind.

Attentive on NCERT books with your CBSE textbooks: – Many students purchase a lot of books during their examination and feel panic situation by thinking from where they learn better but they forget the actual learning concepts and books from where the best exam base knowledge.

Make a timetable for everything: – Whatever be the reason you have to set a perfect timetable that matches your all requirements. You can’t give the full day into your studies.  A perfect timetable helps you to maintain your studies as well your other activity time like playing games, exercise, walking in fresh air.

Most Frequently asked questions by the students for their examination

What are the easy ways to learn the grammar portion?

  • In the English exam you must follow some steps like:-
  • Learn all rules of the tenses.
  • Learn all the preposition, adjectives, verbs, definition with rules.
  • Practice at least one book exercise of every grammar composition.
  • Follow some previous years question paper and solve it to make your grammar strong.
  • on’t cram the rules just understand them with some examples.

How can we easily remember the grammatical rules?

  • Note some steps for this:-
  • You can make a separate notebook for the grammar portion.
  • You can write down the steps in tabular form in the chart.
  • Practice every day all the rules by following the chart one by one according to the time table.
  • Practice with your friends, family or in front of a mirror with real-life examples.
  • In this way, a little practice makes you a perfect gives you a strong base in grammar so you will never find any difficulty in your future exams also.

How many hours should we have to study during exams?

  • It depends upon how much you already studied before the exams. If you study a lot and already cover your whole syllabus before the exams then you don’t have to take any tension during the exams. With a study of 3 to 4 hours is sufficient for your revision if are good in English. But if you didn’t finish your syllabus yet then you study hard during the exam at least 8 hours then you can get the good marks.

How can I get 80+ marks in English exam CBSE?

  • Read these steps:-
  • You have to concentrate while you’re studying.
  • Avoid all the distractions during examinations.
  • Don’t take overburdened.
  • Study with a cool mind, in the fresh air with some breaks in between.
  • Manage all your notes at the right place so you need not to find in a hurry.
  • Take a healthy diet.
  • Practice and always practice.

Is there any institution from where we get the best tuition classes?

  • Yes, there is a lot of tuition center in India. If you want to get the best tuition classes and score higher marks then you can get the best and reputed coaching institute via search engines by searching with the phrase like best coaching institute for English class 10 CBSE near me. A lot of searches are available and you can select any of them with their reviews.


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