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How to Prepare for Maths Board Exam Class 12

If you are wondering about how to prepare for class 12 Maths board exam, you are in the right place. Mathematics is a subject that requires a great knowledge of application of formulas. However, with proper practice, one can score more than 90 marks in Class 12 Maths. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information regarding preparation tips for CBSE class 12 Maths.

Focus on high weightage chapters: Although you need to have a basic understanding of the entire CBSE Class 12 Maths syllabus but you should put extra efforts in the chapters that have high weightage and these chapters must be mastered to score 90 plus marks in Maths.

Start with NCERT: Firstly, start off your preparation with the NCERT Maths textbook. Thoroughly understand all the theoretical aspects of all the concepts for every chapter. Solve each and every question and example of NCERT after that you can move to a reference book.

List out formulas: Always maintain a separate register for formulas, theories and methods. This will help you to recall every formula quickly and make it easier to revise them all together at a single place.

Refer previous year papers: You must refer previous year class 12 Maths board exam papers in order to easily understand the level of questions which can be asked in the board exams. This can also help to recognize the important questions as CBSE sometimes asks repeated questions.

Graphs and figures: You can score more marks with the help of graphs and figures because these are easy to understand. A little concentration on graphs and figures can help to increase your marks because at least one question of graph is always asked by CBSE in Maths board exams.


How to prepare for CBSE 12th Maths board exam day before?

  • Take a good night’s sleep for the night before the exam. It is important to be well rested and mentally sharp while you take the exam.
  •  Review your notes and make a precise list of important concepts and formulas. Make sure you already know these formulas and their use.
  •  Find some problems and solve them as practice test. Take a time limit and don’t use your book or notes.

How do I get maximum marks in Maths?

  •  Start your exam with the questions you are most comfortable with.
  •  Solve the questions in a stepwise method.
  •  Keep your paper neat and tidy.
  •  Draw margins, underline important steps and leave space after each answer.
  •  Convert, all the quantities, if required, to appropriate SI units.
  •  Don’t try to repeat the same answers at different places in the paper, hoping the examiner will not catch this!

How do I score 100/100 in Maths class 12 CBSE board?

  • Stick to NCERT textbook. Do every problem whether solved or unsolved.
  •  Must do official CBSE sample papers.
  •  Make quick notes on important formulas especially from integrals and 3-D. Do every question of probability.
  •  Use R D Sharma mainly for the chapters like 3-D, Determinants, Integrals, Differential equation, Application of Integrals and Vectors. If you have no time then you can prepare rest of the chapters from NCERT.

What is the fastest way to memorize Maths formulas?

  • Try to practice all the formulas again and again, keep implementing them by solving questions till you get a good grip over the concept. It definitely works.
  •  Use simple tricks to remember the formulas. Like, writing them on some sticky notes or colored cards or some mini sheets. They always prove very effective. Challenge yourself or your friends to memorize the formulas.
  •  Stay healthy and take plenty of sleep to keep your brain and body well optimized.

How to study Maths for class 12 boards 4 days before exams?

  •  Review your notes that you took in the class.
  •  Do similar problems that were assigned for homework. Check your answers to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  •  You can join a study group as different people can see concepts in different ways that helps to understand problems in different ways.
  •  Ask someone to make up practice problems for you.
  •  Have a light, healthy snack, like almonds and take proper sleep.


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