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How to prepare for Hindi exam in class 10

Passing with a good number in exams is not a magic task. To bring good numbers, as much time managing as is essential, so much attentiveness is also needed. The success of the exam depends on how much you prepare for the whole year. Many times, even after good preparation, there is a lack of achievement. In such a situation, you can prepare the exam by making some rules. The rules are as follows when a student most often searches for how to prepare Hindi exam class 10.

Exam Rules and Tips for Hindi Class 10 CBSE

Do not read all at once: Make a time table which topic is to be read every day and which one or two-day gap. Do not try to read all at once. Take half or one hour gap during reading. So that when you sit back and read again you enjoy reading. Put a habit of reading on table-chair only.

Concentration and self-confidence are important: It is very important to have concentration and confidence in the preparation of an exam. After everything is forgotten or ready, there is no doubt about repeated fear or not being ready. This suspicion can only be over with self-confidence. Also, read whenever you read with full concentration whenever you read. Regardless of half an hour, it is important to have a quality education.

Focus on Study Material: The most important thing in the preparation of exam is that of Study Material. The success of a good study material exam is half the weight.

Learn the advantages of making notes: It is also important to note the way you read every day, copies your read mater to a copy in the same way. Notes are very helpful for revision. Make notes of whatever you have read or understood, because remembering more than teaching is remembered. Write notes in neat and easy words. You can also use the chart while preparing notes. Put the chart in your study room. When you create notes, write points to the topics, otherwise, there may be a problem understanding.

Support old paper for exams: Support for old paper for school or college exams. Solve them and see what the pattern or concept of asking a question. This also helps in preparing a lot.

Most Commonly Questions Asked by Student for Class 10 Hindi CBSE exams

How can we study in the most interactive way?

  • Group study is also an option for better preparation. There are many advantages to studying in association with your friends. Whenever any difficulty comes, it is solved together. In other studies, there is no boredom. Group Discussion is a better option to study in a more interactive way before or during examinations.

Which strategy we have to follow during exams?

  • Read the following steps to rely on the perfect strategy:-
  • First of all, you have to get some samples papers from the market.
  • Then you must look at the important long and short questions according to the exam pattern.
  • Learn all the questions according to your set time table for class 10 CBSE.
  • After learning practices with writing to increase your writing speed and accuracy.

How can we attempt the question paper within 3 hours?

  • Read the steps below:-
  • First, read the whole paper.
  • Mark the questions that you know well.
  • Attempt all those questions which you mark according tosection wise.
  • Write according to the marks allotted for the questions.
  • After that attempt, those questions which are required like from 7 questions you have to attempt 5 and you already attempt 4.
  • If you don’t know the answers even when you try must.
  • Re-check your paper before handover to the examiner.In this way, you can easily complete your paper within the desired time.

How many previous years’ papers we have to solve before exams?

  • Previous year’s paper covers all the different questions& answers according to the exam pattern and subject syllabus. But sometimes you don’t have enough time to take a lot of samples papers and learn or practice them. If you already cover the whole syllabus of your NCERT books or CBSE textbooks then you need not solve every sample paper. You can simply go through with these.

How to set the perfect timetable?

  • Don’t always look at your watch.
  • Take a paper/chart and write down the schedule work every day.
  • Set the time of hours for your different subject or different topics according to the date sheet.
  • Note the difficult or easy topics or the topics that you already covered before exams.
  • Give your proper hard work and learn with full concentration.
  • Avoid all the distraction things.
  • Don’t be panic.
  • Learn with a cool mind.
  • Take healthy diets.
  • Take some fresh breaks.
  • Don’t lose your hope.


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