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A lot of candidates break their heads by thinking about the optional subject that they want to choose in IAS examination. Optional papers are very important as they help the aspirants to score more easily in short period of time. Selecting law as one of the optional subject is the very good choice, especially for the students who are with a legal education background. As a part of the serious preparation, you need to select best books for UPSC law optionals, this article will be very helpful for new applicants as well as the candidates those who are preparing again to crack IAS 2018 exam.

UPSC has made modifications to old rules; new regulations have been passed by the board in 2013. According to the new rules, candidates can select only one option which was earlier limited to two subjects. So it is not only important to select the best optional subject, choosing best law books for UPSC optional also plays a crucial role at the end.

Best Law books for IAS Paper-I

Name Author Description
Introduction to the Constitution of India  D.D Basu  This is a useful book for every civils aspirant who wants to know anything about the Constitution of India during its first sixty-seven years
The Constitution of India     PM Bakshi The book outlines the form of government that is followed in the nation. On the while, the material features 22 parts that provide the structure which describes elemental political principles
Administrative Law     I.P. Massey You will get to know about the details of the administrative law in all its aspects and dimensions.
International Law   Malcolm N Shaw  Apart from legal concepts, the book also deals with Alongside substantial new chapters dealing with human rights
International Law  S. K Kapoor  The topics covered in this book will be very useful for first-time aspirants.
Constitution of India  VN Shukla  It is the most respected book in the Indian constitution.
Our Constitution  Subhash C. Kashyap  The book conveys the concepts of Indian laws and constitution.

Best Law books for UPSC Paper-II

Indian Penal Code KD Gaur Learn important topics like  fundamentals of crime, principles of criminal liability and criminal law,  men’s rea under the Indian Penal Code
Indian Penal Code Autochthon Pillai It covers most of the syllabus in paper 2. You will come across hardcore India laws in this edition.
Jurisprudence P.K. Tripathi and Dias  Get to know about recent changes in Indian law; one can come across most of the topics in second paper through this book.
Law of Tort Autochthon Pillai It is the most preferred book in many schools as it covers all important aspects of Indian law.
Indian Contract Act Specific Relief Act Pollock and mulla Know the latest case law and legislative amendments till date as well as the current developments in the law relating to specific relief in India by choosing this edition.
Principles of Mercantile Law Avtar Singh The book was originally published in 1973. Since then many changes were made and you can see fresh updates in every latest edition.

 Law is the subject of the easy availability of books and study materials; you will have an advantage if the subject in your graduation or post graduation is law. We hoped we have covered all the best UPSC law optional books in this article.

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