Indian History General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Indian History Questions and Answers for All Competitive Exams | MCQ for SSC, Railway, UPSC, IAS Exam

1. A bilingual Asokan inscription, inscribed in Greek and Aramaic, is found at
A. Kandahar
B. Mansehra
C. Puskalavati
D. Sahbazgarhi

2. An intelligent appreciation of the relative values of different trade-routes in India is contained in
A. Pliny’s Natural History
B. Arthasastra of Kautilya
C. Ptolemy’s Geography
D. Indica of Megasthenes

3. According to tradition, the author of Silappadigaram is
A. Ilango Adigal
B. Sattan
C. Kamban
D. Tiruttakkadevar

4. Consider the following ports:
A. Sopara
B. Barbaricum
C. Poduka
D. Muziris
According to the Periplus, which of these ports were located on the western coast?
a) A, B and C
b) A, C and D
c) A, B and D
d) B, C and D

5. Coins with legends and portraits were first issued in India by the
A. Sakas
B. Sungas
C. Indo-Greeks
D. Satavahanas

6. Who among the following was the expounder of the Pasupata system?
A. Kusika
B. Kapilesvara
C. Parasara
D. Lakulisa

7. In the Bhagavata religion, besides Vasudeva, the most important deity was
A. Aniruddha
B. Balarama
C. Pradyumna
D. Samba

8. The Gupta era is identical with
A. Kali era
B. Saptarsi era
C. Kalachuri era
D. Valabhi era

9. Consider the following kings:
A. Bhanugupta
B. Budhagupta
C. Kacha
D. Purugupta
The correct chronological sequence of their rules is
a) C,D,B,A
b) C,D,A,B
c) D,C,A,B
d) D,C,B,A

10. Consider the following Smrti texts
A. Yajnavalkya Smrti
B. Manu Smrti
C. Brhaspati Smrti
D. Devala Smrti
The correct chronological sequence of these texts is
a) A,B,D,C
b) B,C,A,D
c) B,A,C,D
d) D,A,C,B

1. A) Kandahar
2. B) Arthasastra of Kautilya
3. A) Ilango Adigal
4. C) A, B and D
5. C) Indo-Greeks
6. D) Lakulisa
7. B) Balarama
8. D) Valabhi era
9. A) C,D,B,A
10. C) B,A,C,D

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