Maths Optional Books List for UPSC IAS IFoS Exam

Mathematics Optional Booklist | Maths optional Books for IAS | IFoS Maths Optional Books List

The selection of optional subject is one of the challenges that civils aspirants face while submitting the online application. Candidates are still confused to select the suitable one as per their interests, even the number of optional is reduced from two to one. Mathematics is considered as important paper in civils exam, proper selection of best mathematics optional books for UPSC optional is not an easy job. If you analyze previous years question papers, you can note down some important topics and refer mathematics books for IAS exam 2018 to get the good grip on the subject.

1) Complex Analysis by Schaum Series or J N Sharma: Click here
2) Numerical Analysis – S S Sastry: https: Click here
3) Differential Equations by Schaum Series (Frank Ayres): Click here
4) Mathematics Dictionary by James: Click here
5) Matrices by Schaum Series (Frank Ayres) or Vashisth: Click here
6) Linear Algebra by Schaum Series (Lipshutz): Click here
7) Real Analysis by Shantinarayan: Click here
8) Vector analysis by Shantinarayan: Click here
9) Calculus by Santhi Narayan: Click here
10) Analytic Geometry by Shantinarayan: Click here

We believe that the revision of the number of maths optional books for upsc is good enough to bravely attempt both the papers. Optional subjects like mathematics require focused reading and understanding of all topics. It is not easy to clear the IAS 2018 examination without serious long-term preparation. This article features some best mathematics books for civils examination that are useful for both paper 1 and paper 2

These are the Important to be referred while preparing for Maths Optional Paper-I

 Book Name  Author  Description about the book
Analytic Geometry Shanti Narayan, HC Sinha, DK Jha and Sharma One can easily answer questions easily if the topics in this book are practised well.
Calculus Shanti Narayan It is available at reasonable price on MgiDeals, Amazon, Flipkart.  Carefully go through all topics if you want to score well in paper
Dynamics, Statics and Hydrostatics M. Ray  Follow this book to gain skills that enable you to solve problematic questions.
Linear Algebra K.C. Prasad, K B Datta  Don’t worry if you are weak in Algebra. Just get this book and wipe off your tensions.
Ordinary Differential equations  NP Bali  Check out this book if you are looking for study material on differential equations. You will find everything right from basics.
Vector analysis Shantinarayan It is a well-written book which deals rigorously with three-dimensional vector algebra

Are you already aware of paper 1 books? Just scroll down the page to check best mathematics books which are available in Indian market at affordable price.

 Book name Author Name  Description
Algebra  K C Prasad, KB Datta  It stands among the best books in India to learn Algebra.
Complex Analysis GK Ranganath This textbook covers the syllabus of mathematics university which includes chapters of  algebra the chapters on complex analysis
Linear Programming S.D Sharma Most of the educational universities follow SD Book to teach their students. So civil aspirants should never ignore this one.
Mechanics & Fluid dynamics AP Mathur, Azaroff Leonid The well-written concepts and tricky questions will enable you to easily solve complex questions given in the exam.
Numerical analysis and Computer Programming V. Rajaraman, SS Shastri Don’t worry if it is not available in offline bookstores. Search in Google for latest editions.
Real Analysis Shanti Narayan, Royden  

Due to the high standards of paper, the cut of the score as well as the marks obtained by candidates are coming down. So if you are strong in your fundamentals and good at calculations, the decision of choosing mathematics as your optional will show the big difference in your final result.


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