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MgiEdu offers the best coaching for CBSE class 10th, CBSE class 11th, and CBSE class 12th to learn science, social science, math, etc. Apart from this, we also offer the best maths coaching for state-level examinations such as SSC, Banking, UPSC (CSAT), DMRC, DSSSB, UPSSSC, Railway, etc. Here, you will find the perfect blend of inventive teaching techniques combined with an atmosphere which encourages learning among our students. We believe that excellence is gained through smart work and utilize unique learning methods to teach science, social science and mathematics to CBSE students in Delhi. Join us for a bright and successful future.

About Our faculty

We are proud of our team of immensely-experienced and well-trained tutors. Here, we have a team of the expert for banking and SSC maths coaching in Delhi as well as tutors for CBSE class 10th. Our expert teachers offer the best coaching for CBSE class 11th and the best tuition classes for CBSE class 12th in Delhi.

Why Choose Us

MgiEdu is all about ensuring competitive and academic excellence for our students. Innovative learning techniques are implemented by expert faculty. These are the salient aspects which make us distinct. Our team of teachers is made of experts in their subjects. These aspects make us the best coaching center for CBSE class 10th, CBSE class 11th and CBSE class 12th in Delhi:

Teaching Techniques

MgiEdu combines the best aspects of expert tutors with effective teaching methods. Our tried-and-tested techniques have helped numerous students excel.

Faculty Choice

MgiEdu faculty has a mix of expert and innovative teachers. Our tutors are engaging and efficient in helping students learn new concepts faster.

Smart Studying

MgiEdu believes in smart studying instead of hard studying. We blend the best aspects of conventional education with advanced learning methods.

Educational Environment

Mgi Edu is all about being innovative and effective. We ensure to have an overall student-friendly atmosphere which creates inspiration to learn more.

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MgiEdu wants to spread the motivation to learn to all corners of the country. As we are the leading math institute for SSC (CGL) and Banking and also for CBSE class 10, 11and 12 coaching class in Delhi we do not let geographical distances deter us from reaching out to eager young minds. We provide an immense amount of information and study materials online for students who wish to improve their performance in the upcoming SSC (CGL) examinations and CBSE 10th, 11th and 12th class examinations. If you wish to get additional reading material for your SSC and CBSE exams then you can register with us by simply filling out the form at the side.

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Our Courses

MgiEdu is renowned as the best institute for SSC and Banking and best coaching center for CBSE class 10th, 11th and 12th in Delhi. In addition, we provide advanced classes for those appearing for B.A. Political Science, B.A. History and Mathematics for SSC or Banking exams in Delhi as well.

SSC and Banking (Mathematics)

MgiEdu provides coaching of maths for SSC and Banking competitive exams. Timely preparation and numerous testing ensure that our students are prepared to crack the SSC and Banking Math exam efficiently.


Class for X th

MgiEdu is the ideal choice for excellent math, science and social science for class  10th coaching classes for CBSE students in Delhi.


Class for XI th

MgiEdu is alongside our students at every step of their academic life. We provide excellent CBSE class 11 tuition to students in Delhi.


Class for XII th

MgiEdu provides the best class 12 tuition in Delhi. Our team of tutors is excellent to learn the subjects in a practical way.


B.A. Political Science

MgiEdu provides BA political science coaching in Delhi that helps to learn about public affairs, public administration, international affairs, and relations, etc easily.


B.A. History

MgiEdu provides BA History Coaching in Delhi for DU students. It is a popular subject among Bachelor of Arts students and is taught using unique teaching methods here.


Home Tutors

MgiEdu also has an excellent team of home tutors in Delhi who have a wide experience in home tutoring.

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Check out what makes MgiEdu coaching for CBSE class 10th, CBSE class 11th and CBSE class 12th the best choice for coaching in Delhi.

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MgiEdu is focused on providing CBSE students with the best coaching classes and is the best institute for SSC CGL in Delhi and Banking aspirants. Our students become part of a larger family when they join MgiEdu, thanks to the numerous learning activities planned regularly.

Latest News

At MgiEdu we believe in being a step ahead and also motivate our students to do the same. Now be the first to learn about the latest change in syllabus, know exam dates and read about news that affects you as a student in our Latest News section below.

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What They Say


Which is the best 10th class coaching classes in Delhi?

MgiEdu is clearly the best coaching institute for class 10 in Delhi as it has the most expert faculty and uses the most advanced teaching methods. It is focused on teaching CBSE students the important subjects of science, social science and mathematics successfully. It has an impressive history of success among its alumni.

Which is the best class 10th mathematics coaching institute?

The best class 10th maths coaching institute in Delhi is probably MgiEdu. It is popular for its new and effective learning methods to teach students even complex mathematical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Expert faculty members ensure students excel when it comes to maths tuition for class 10.

Which is the best CBSE class 10 science class?

MgiEdu is the best CBSE class 10 science coaching class in Delhi, thanks to the immensely experienced faculty and their unique teaching methods. Here, you will find the use of innovative learning integrated with practical demonstrations that help students to learn even the most complex science concepts easily.

How to select the best coaching classes for BA History?

To select the best coaching classes for B.A. History near you, you need to analyze the potential institutes’ past results, performance, and USP. It is important to select the BA history Coaching in Delhi that provides education but using effective and often unique methods. At MgiEdu, the teachers are trained in using the latest teaching procedures to assist students to excel in their upcoming History exams.

How to choose the best mathematics coaching for SSC and Banking exams in Delhi?

You can choose the best mathematics coaching for SSC and banking exams in Delhi by evaluating the alumni, the institute’s performance throughout the years as well as the teaching methods used. By using advanced additional teaching tools the tutors here are successful in teaching seemingly-complicated mathematics for SSC and banking entrance exams in an interesting and effective way to all students.

Which is the best class 12 coaching in Delhi?

The best coaching for class 12 in Delhi is provided by MgiEdu. The leading CBSE class 12 coaching institute is renowned for teaching mathematics and science to CBSE class 12 students. Using unique teaching techniques, the expert tutors here have successfully helped hundreds of students to excel in their class 12th CBSE exams till date.

Which is the best social science tuition for class 10 in Delhi?

The Social Science tuition for Class 10 in Delhi is considered to be the one which covers the syllabus in a step-wise fashion using the most effective teaching methods. MgiEdu is probably the best social science coaching for class 10 in Delhi as it is renowned for its well-organized syllabus and its unique learning techniques.

Which is the best coaching for CBSE maths class 12 in Delhi?

The best coaching for CBSE math class 12 in Delhi is at MgiEdu. Using additional teaching tools the highly-trained tutors successfully simplify complex mathematical ideas into feasible information. The blend of conventional teaching and advanced learning techniques has made it the leading choice for CBSE students seeking tuitions for class 12 mathematics in Delhi.

How to choose the best B.A. Political Science coaching in Delhi?

You can choose the best BA political science coaching in Delhi by checking the methods of learning used and the expertise of the faculty in it. At MgiEdu, the team of expert teachers uses non-conventional yet effective methods to provide the best and successful History lessons for DU B.A. students in Delhi.

Where can I get the best home tutors in Delhi?

You can get the best home tutors in Delhi at MgiEdu. Here, a team of highly-trained and immensely-experienced home tutors is prepared to undertake tutoring for science, mathematics, social science, etc for students studying in CBSE class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and even students wishing to learn Political Science and History for B.A. students as well as mathematics for those preparing for Banking and SSC exams.