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Most candidates appearing in Civil Services search for the best philosophy books for UPSC. Since the IAS 2018 exam syllabus is huge and encompasses many years of study most civil services aspirants search for the best philosophy optional subjects to read. We have researched a lot interviewed and found that many candidates search for “what are the best philosophy books for civil services exam?  We have compiled the list of books written by different authors for philosophy and tried to devote separate pages to them in detail.

1) Philosophy of Religion by John H. Hick: Click here  
2) An Introduction to Political Theory by O P Gauba: Click here  
3) A Critical History of Western Philosophy by Y Masih: Click here  
4) A History of Philosophy by Frank Thilly: Click here  
5) Survey of Indian Philosophy Penned by C Sharma: Click here  
6) An Introduction to Indian Philosophy by Written by S Chatterjee: Click here  

There is no other good study material than the best book that imparts a lot of subject knowledge. When we have taken the opinion of IAS examination toppers, they have explained the crucial role of important books that helped them to grab their dream job. So, we suggest every aspirant should take some time to check the books that are needed to read for the philosophy optional books for IAS 2018 exam preparation. Before you start off the search and segregate the list of books you need to use for your civils preparation, we advise you to check the following as it can upgrade your brain and boost up your confidence levels, first take stock of the topics you need to cover for your UPSC preparation. This is possible when you download the syllabus for your civil services 2018 paper and study it carefully. All go better and successful with the knowledge

Name Author Description
Indian Philosophy- An Introduction to Indian Philosophy. Written by S Chatterjee The book deals with to Indian Philosophy. Civil aspirants need to get a brief idea on a vast ocean of knowledge and outlook of Indian philosophy, It also helps him to grasp thoroughly the central ideas
 Survey of Indian Philosophy Penned by C Sharma  Have a look at this book if you want to study of different systems of Indian Philosophy based on original sources and its principal value lies in their interests.
A History of Philosophy- Frank Thilly  Important aspect  of this book is that author not only believes but also calculates logically
A Critical History of Western Philosophy- Y Masih Western philosophy’s enlarged edition of A Critical History of Modern Philosophy. Greek and Medieval Philosophies have been added in the latest edition. The present form the book will be of greater use to the Indian students.
Contemporary Western Philosophy Dr. B.K. Lal IT includes a critical and comparative account of the major contributions of eight modern thinkers.
An Introduction to Political Theory O P Gauba This one is really good in its approach and explanations, and the lucid language will help u to run over the chaps in short period of time, covers 99% syllabus.
Philosophy of Religion John H. Hick Written by the world-renowned philosopher, this book is a brief and contemporary introduction to the main topics in the philosophy of religion one of the most active areas of philosophical research today

There are plenty of best books available for Philosophy optional, but you have to refer more than one kind of series to have the very good understanding of all the concepts you need

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