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Sociology Optional Books for UPSC

Sociology Books for UPSC | Best Sociology Books for IAS

Your chances of doing well in UPSC IAS exam are better when you enjoy the subjects or have a passion to grasp most of the syllabus. Choosing the right optional subject will change away your fate in the examination. If you have chosen sociology as an optional subject to maximize your score, then it is equally important to prepare for best sociology optional books for UPSC optional. As a matter of fact, among the many subjects, IAS 2022 aspirants should concentrate more on optional subjects to score more. Consider your educational background before choosing this subject; you should go through the entire syllabus before choosing a good book.

1) Caste Its Twentieth Century Avatar – M N Srinivas: Click here

2) Sociological Thought – Francis Abraham and John Henry Morgan: Click here

3) Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology: Click here

4) Rural Sociology – Doshi and Jain: Click here

5) Classical Sociological theory by George Rizter: Click here

6) Sociology by Haralambos & Holborn: Click here

7) Sociological Thought by Francis Abraham: Click here

8) Political Theory by O P Gaub: Click here

9) Social Change in India by M N Srinivas: Click here

10) Caste Its Twentieth Century Avatar by M N Srinivas: Click here

11) Handbook of Indian Sociology by Veena Das: Click here

12) social background of indian nationalism by ar desai: Click here

13) Persistence and Change in Tribal India by M.V. Rao: Click here

14) ndian Society and Culture by Nadeem Hasnain: Click here

Sociology since many years has been the preferred choice of many aspirants as the most scoring subject in UPSC civil services examination. Fewer topics, easy understandability, ability to fetch more marks are some of the reasons that attract thousands to choose Sociology. Each and every topic in the syllabus must be covered carefully, one needs to have a look at sociology books for IAS 2022 to attempt any question in the competitive examination.

Just scroll down to view the names of some best books for UPSC civil services exam along with the brief description.

Sociology Optional Paper-I BookList

             Title            Author            Description
Over view of sociologyAnthony GiddensIt is the best option for revising topics or learning basics. The seventh edition provides a powerful introduction to sociology
 Classical Sociological theoryGeorge RizterThe book lets you to carefully read all theories. It helps candidates to understand the works of modern theorists and helps to compares them with latest theorists.
SociologyHaralambos & HolbornThe latest edition of this book covers all useful sociology topics. It is a good choice for competitive examinations.
Sociological ThoughtFrancis Abraham and John Henry MorganNo one should ignore such an essential textbook on sociology. It is well written in easy to understand manner and conveys the development of sociology thought.
Political TheoryO P GaubRepeated reading of few standard topics in this book is beneficial for IAS 2018 aspirants.

Many best books for sociology are available on, Amazon and other famous booksellers.

Best Books for Sociology Paper-II

Book name/TitleAuthorDescription
Social Change in India   M N Srinivas The book mainly deals with the issue of caste, Its role in the modern day. How the worst effects can be reduced. It conveys India’s attempts to modernize. This is definitely a useful book for UPSC candidates.
Caste Its Twentieth Century AvatarM N Srinivas
Handbook of Indian SociologyVeena DasYou will come across topics clubbed with sociology and anthropology which plays a crucial role in scoring good marks.
Modernization of Indian TraditionYogendra Singh It gives you a clear idea on three different types of Indian traditions today.
Social Background of Indian NationalismA R DesaiGet to know the political and economic history of India through this book.
Persistence and Change in Tribal IndiaM.V. RaoThe book deals with various initiatives taken by the government of India to deal with problems. No doubt that it is a good tool for revising entire syllabus.
Indian Society and CultureNadeem Hasnain

It is the one more important book for civil aspirants as it deals with issues in Indian society and culture.

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