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Best Psychology Optional Books for UPSC Exam

Best Books for UPSC Psychology Optional

Psychology Books for IAS Preparation | Psychology Books for UPSC | Best Books for UPSC

For those who neglect best Psychology books for UPSC optional, IAS 2018 exam might turn into a nightmare. Many aspirants might be trying to cram the entire syllabus as quickly as possible, there are many candidates probably doing the same as you. During a time of such intense exam pressure where you need to compete with many candidates from different parts of the country, you first need to realize that studying for 15 hours a day is not something very healthy.

What is most effective is studying the psychology books for civil services exam with full concentration for confidently facing the examination. Your focus shouldn’t be on how many books you studied but on how much you studied.

Are you preparing for the IAS 2018 exam and aren’t sure the best way to prepare? Maybe you have heard that the best psychology books of IAS exam can be helpful if you have chosen psychology as an optional subject, but you don’t know which one to buy? A good book can be your most useful resource for preparing for the civil services exam and this guide will help you choose the best one for your preparation.

Best Psychology Optional Books for UPSC Exam

Civil services exams are never easy to crack. To pass the UPSC exam requires many hours of independent study and the right resources.  Especially you need to be careful with the books that you choose for studying optionals.

For the first time civil aspirants, the task can be even more challenging. We know that it is very difficult for first timers to understand what is expected on the civil services exam and how they are going to be tested.

Students without proper coaching are not aware of the numerous resources available to help them best prepare for the exam. It leads many students to fail to obtain the best psychology books for UPSC exam. Our aim is to help candidates in selecting the best books.

Best Psychology Optional Books for UPSC Exam

1) Introduction to Psychology by Clifford Morgan: Click here
2) Organizational Behavior, 15e by Robbins/Vohra: Click here
3) Theories of Personality, 4ed by Gardner Lindzey, John B. Campbell Calvin S. Hall: Click here
4) Abnormal Psychology, 15e by Carson / Butcher / Mineka / Hooley: Click here
5) Applied Psychology, 2nd Edition by Julie Harrower, Tony Cassidy, Hugh Coolican, Orla Dunn, Rob Sharp, Jeremy Tudway, Tony Westbury, Katherine Simons: Click here
6) Munn’S Introduction To Psychology by Fernald, L Dodge: Click here
7) Psychology (Adaptation) Four Colour by Baron / Misra: Click here
8) Foundations of Indian Political Thought by V R Mehta: Click here
9) Psychology Robert by A Baron by Robert S. Feldman: Click here
10) Social Psychology by Robert A. Baron / Nyla R. Branscombe: Click here
11) Systems and Theories of Psychology by James P. Chaplin, T.S. Krawiec: Click here
12) Psychology by Saundra K. Ciccarelli, J. Noland White: Click here
13) Introduction to Psychology by Clifford Morgan, Richard King, John Weisz, John Schopler: Click here
14) Optics by Brijlal and Subramanyam: Click here

Book Name Author Description
Introduction to Psychology Morgan and King The book boasts with essential contents for the people dealing in psychology. The latest edition has been systematically organized with topics important for psychology
Psychology Ciccarelli  It helps educators to put students on the track. The writer has tried to draw students into the discipline by showing how psychology relates to their own lives.
Psychology Morgan and King In this book, the writer attempted to bring readers an ongoing challenge in our rapidly changing discipline.
statistics for Psychology Aron and coups Many people will suggest you get this edition if you are preparing for civil services exam. It focuses on definitional formulas centre stage to emphasize the logic behind statistics.
Systems & Theories of Psychology Krawiec and  Chaplin  Both the writers clarified the divergent viewpoints on behaviourism and phenomenology. It is important for IAS aspirants to reach this book.
Theories of Personality and

the Psychology of Small Groups

Hall and Lindzey Shaw The book features all concepts that enhance the knowledge of psychology.
Social Psychology Robert Baron, Gopa Bhardwaj, Byrne Branscombe It is the classic book that motivates students to take social psychology out of the classroom and into their lives for over.
Psychology Robert A Baron The author tried to provide an in-depth introduction to the field of psychology. It has been organized to help understand key concepts and ideas in a manner conducive to give an overview


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