Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following are our privacy policies that should be read carefully. By accessing our website, you agree to our privacy policies. These policies govern the way in which your information is used on the website and only applies to MgiEdu. And these policies are subject to change periodically, without any prior notice. With continued access to this website, we presume you to agree by our changed policies.

Your privacy is important to us. We won’t ask your personal details until we truly need it. Your data will be confidential. We use your information to provide you with the best results. Your data will help us personalize your experience on the website. Your feedback will help us improve our website. We will disclose your information only to lawful authorities.

To protect and secure your data, we do not allow any unauthorized access to your confidential information. We are transparent about the information we gather from you, and how we use it. Your feedback and information helps us to cater to your needs individually, and provide better services.

We keep a record of all the users, search history, payments and such for data maintenance and can be handed to lawful authorities. We send you e-mails regarding your interests, purchases, updates and other courses related material. You allow us to put our cookies on your hard disk while visiting the website. If you have some issues, please refuse the cookies sent by our webpage.

MgiEdu may use your information to the third party under the following circumstances; (1) With your consent, (2) To our service providers, if in any way you are provided with a better experience, (3) Under any lawful activity, (4) To identify or prevent any fraud, malfunctioning, (5) To select partners for affiliation, which may be according to your needs and interests.

Intellectual property
All the software, data, logos, trademarks and other properties, are the intellectual property of MgiEdu. Accessing this website or the content does not give your right of such intellectual property.

Restrictions on use of MgiEdu Services
The content available on the website is only for personal and non-commercial use. The user can print or download the information and graphics, or save it in storage or any other place only for personal use.

Hypertext links to third party websites
MgiEdu, through the content, may provide you with links to another website. While visiting those websites, your data privacy and other such things are at your risk. We do not take responsibility for any virus-attack, endorsements, advertisements, adulterated content, or information. These links do not mean that our team is sponsored, affiliated or endorsed by those websites. It does not mean that we have a trademark to use it. Our team will not be held responsible for any malfunction.

While posting the information sent by our users or collected by the means of cookies, users indemnify MgiEdu and keep it in this way for claims, proceedings, and expenses, which may be taken or made against MgiEdu, by reasons of the premises.

Information provided by users
This is for all the users to keep in mind. You are solely responsible for the comments you make. You are not allowed to make any disgusting, hatred or such comments, which may give rise to any lawful activity.

All references and products mentioned, except MgiEdu belongs to their respective owners, and not us. These endorsements do not mean that we sponsor or recommend it.

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