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Physics Optional Books for UPSC | IAS & IFoS Physics Optional Reference Book

By looking at the trends of recent IAS exam papers and the marks scored by successful candidates choosing physics as an optional subject, you should consider it based on your interest. As per the new rules, an applicant can choose only one subject as optional in IAS 2018 examination.  Physics is the subject that everyone is aware of the school days, so you can answer well by concentrating little more on the basics. The chances of getting selected as IAS will be more when you go through the best physics for UPSC civil services exam. When you solve past papers, you will come across many questions that are already given in best books for UPSC physics optional.

There are plenty of study materials available for civil aspirants; it’s up to you to select the best one. If you are unable to come to a conclusion, we have compiled physics books for IAS exam 2018. Just note down them and purchase the one you like.  Those who are very strong in physics fundamentals and have genuine interest should it as optional can easily answer difficult questions in the examination. Unlike humanities optional which can be taken by anybody, physics requires deep thinking aptitude.  We can expect huge competition this time unless one is very good at preparation, physics would result in low marks.

Classroom coaching is available for physic subjects at many reputed institutes but the best UPSC books for physics will be highly useful for candidates preparing on their own. No guidance or coaching is required for candidates with good subject knowledge. The syllabus is what a civils aspirant must know before purchasing any physics book. Students from science or engineering background have a lot of advantage because the syllabus for this paper will be almost similar to the topics that they have studied in academics. You should solve practice papers after going through these books. Concentrate more on the topics where you are weak. Civil aspirants read a lot, so you need to stand out in the tough competition. You need to clearly study the topics given in these books to attempt both paper 1 and paper 2. Below are the best UPSC books that you could find useful for preparation.

                      Book name        Author Name
The  Dictionary of Physics  Written by Khanna & Bedi tein
Textbook of Sound  Khanna and  Bedi
Advanced Level Physics for all Nelkon and  Parker
Fundamental book on electrical engineering B.L Theraja  and Vincent Del Toro
Atomic & Molecular Spectra Penned by Rajkumar
Atomic Physics J. B. Rajan
Classical Mechanism Gupta, Kumar & Sharma, Takewale & Puranik -H.Goldstein
Concept of Modern Physics Arthur Beiser
Electronics Millman  and  Halkias, S. Ramnam, Ryder or Bolstead, Malvina
EM Theory

Fundamental of Magnetism electricity


B.N. Basudeva

Electricity & Magnetism D.C. TAyal, B.S. Agarwal, Griffith
Introduction of Electrodynamics David Griffiths
Mechanics – D.S. Mathur, B.S. Agarwal
Mechanics Kleppner and  Kolenkow
Modern Physics A Beiser S.L. Gupta, B.S. Agarwal, J.B. Rajan
Nuclear Physics D.C. Tayal
Nuclear Physics S.B Patel
Optics Brijlal and Subramanyam, B.S. Agarwal, Ajoy & Ghatak
Optics Ajoy Ghatak-B.S. Agarwal
Electronics Allen Mottershead
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