Best Reference Books for GPSC Exam Preparation

Gujarat public service commission conducts the entrance exam to fill the government sector vacancies. The candidates who are applying for the examination they start preparing for the examination. If you are looking to purchase the best book for the Gujarat PSC exam preparation then it is the right place. You can also purchase or download the past three years Gujarat PSC question paper and start preparing for the examination. Here you can get the top book list for Gujarat public service commission examination. It helps the candidate to prepare well for the examination. These books cover various topics in the competitive exam such as history, geography, economy, current affairs and others.

1) 78 SOLVED PAPERS (GPSC & SPIPA): Click here 
2) GPSC Pariksha Mate Vigyan and Technology (Latest Edition): Click here 
3) Gujarat General Knowledge Ek Abhyas (Latest Edition): Click here 
4) Navneet General Knowledge for GPSC: Click here 
5) GPSC General Studies Samanya Abhyas (Latest Edition 2018): Click here 
6) Gk for GPSC and ALL COMPETITION EXAM by Akshar Prakashan: Click here 
7) GPSC Gujarat Public Service Commission Assistant Engineer Civil Engineering 2018: Click here 
8) GPSC Paper-2 Ganitik Kshamta: Click here 
9) A Compendium of Essays by J.K. Chopra: Click here 
10) English Language BY S.P Bakshi: Click here 
11) Phrasal Verbs Dictionary 2nd Edition (English, Paperback, Cambridge Dictionary): Click here 
12) Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning books by R.S Agarwal: Click here 
13) Indian Economy by Dutt & Sundaram: Click here 
14) Indian economy by Ramesh Singh: Click here 
15) Bharatiya Arthtantra ane Ayojan Economy in Gujarati (Latest Edition): Click here 
16) YOJNA FOR UPSC GPSC & ALL EXAM ( in Gujarati): Click here 
17) geography of India by Majid Husain: Click here 
18) Indian polity by laxmikanth: Click here 
19) Operating System Principles by Galvin: Click here 
20) Facets of Indian Culture by Spectrum’s: Click here 
21) History of Modern India: Click here 
22) Modern India by Sumit Sarkar: Click here 
23) modern history by Bipin Chandra: Click here 
24) history of medieval India by Satish Chandra: Click here 

Name of the Subject Name of the Books Authors Name Details
Gujarat PSC Preliminary exam books list
Indian history Modern History Bipin Chandra This history book is simple way to prepare well in the section of Indian History.
Modern India Sumit Sarkar


Cultural heritage Facets of Indian Culture Spectrum’s It helps you to understand the facts of the Indian culture quickly.
Indian polity Indian Polity M. Laxmikant You can learn about the Indian polity in this competitive exam book and score good mark.
Geography  of India Geography of India Majid Husain The competitive exam book contains the various topics such as India geography, and Gujarat history.
 economy of India Indian Economy Ramesh Singh  The book helps you to know everything about the Gujarat and India.
International and nation Current affairs Current affairs combo for PSC Team Youwin The book contains national and international current affairs.
Gujarat PSC mains exam books list
General studies Indian Economy


Dutt & Sundaram


The Indian economy book cover topic based on the economy that help you to stronger in this section.
History of Modern India AC Banerjee
Logical reasoning and analytical ability Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning books R.S Agarwal It covers various topics in the reasoning that provide the candidate full preparation for the examination.
English essay English Language S.P Bakshi This book helps you to understand the English language and score good mark in this section.
Phrasal Verbs Dictionary 2nd Edition Cambridge Dictionary
Fundamentals of computer architecture  Operating System Principles Galvin The book covers the topic related to the computer science from the basic level to advanced level.
Physically Based Rendering (PBRT) Pharr and Humphreys
Other books for Gujarat PSC exam Navneet General Knowledge for GPSC N.G.Raval This book provides the important material to the candidates for getting the high mark in the examination. It is the popular book for the PSC exam preparation.


A Compendium of Essays


J.K. Chopra


    The book covers everything in the English language that helps the candidate to understand good English.
Gk for GPSC and ALL COMPETITION EXAM Akshar prakashan  The book is specially designed for the PSC candidates that contain the question on GK.


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