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Best Books for UPSC Main Exam | Best Books for IAS Mains

The best books for UPSC civil services main examination are almost similar to the Preliminary exam’s books. But there is some topic that is not getting covered in those books, so you have to prefer some more books for IAS Mains.

1) Ethics, integrity &aptitude for civil services main exam by Subba Rao & P N Roy Choudhary: Click here 
2) Environmental studies: From crisis to cure by Rajagopalan: Click here 
3) Environment by Shankar IAS: Click here 
4) Indian economy by Ramesh Singh: Click here 
5) Indian economy by Pratiyogita darpan: Click here 
6) Indian’s foreign policy by V N Khanna: Click here 
7) The constitution of India by P M Bakshi: Click here 
8) Indian polity by M Laxmikant: Click here 
9) Indian & world geography by Majid Hussain: Click here 
10) Certificate human and physical geography by Goh Cheng Leong: Click here 
11) World history by Arjun Dev: Click here 
12) India after Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha: Click here 
13) Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja: Click here 
14) History of modern world by Jain & Mathur: Click here 
15) India’s struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra: Click here 

To score more is not a difficult task if you are following the correct strategies and to choose the good book is the first step in the path of a meaningful preparation. In this matter, we have decided to help you, and we have researched for best books for IAS Mains that you can choose.

This article will introduce some best books for UPSC main exam 2022; you can prefer to score well in mains along with the preliminary examination. Follow this article and go ahead towards your bright future.

General Study Paper-I


Book’s nameAuthor/ publication


History, heritage & culture  History of modern worldJain & Mathur

These books will help you to score good in UPSC civil services mains examination 2018. You can cover modern, medieval and ancient history, art and culture in India and also world history and social problems in India. These books have detailed description for each topic.

India’s struggle for independenceBipin Chandra
Social problems in IndiaRam Ahuja
India after GandhiRamchandra Guha
World historyArjun Dev
Geography of the world & societyCertificate human and physical geographyGoh cheng leong

These books are best to prepare for IAS mains.  The topper students prefer these books and you can get good marks by choosing these books for preparation.

Geography of IndiaKhullar
Indian & world geographyMajid Hussain

General Study Paper-II


Book’s nameAuthor/ publication


Polity, governance, constitution and social justiceIndian polityLaxmikant

These books will cover the topic like Indian polity, the constitution of India from introduction to in depth knowledge.

The constitution of IndiaP M Bakshi
Introduction to constitution of IndiaD C Basu
International relationsIndian’s foreign policyV N Khanna

To learn the international relations and foreign policies you can prefer these books.

Challenge & strategies- rethinking India’s foreign policyRajiv Sikri

General Study Paper-III


Book’s nameAuthor/ publication


EconomyIndian economyPratiyogita darpan

From basic to deep knowledge about Indian economy you can get from these books.

Indian economyRamesh Singh
Science & technologyScience & technologyTMH publication

Books from these publications are best to prepare for UPSC mains exam.

Science & technologySpectrum publication
Ecology & environment &  AgricultureEcology & environmentalP D Sharma

The study about ecology , environment and agriculture you can find from these books. These books are good to score high in UPSC mains.

EnvironmentShankar IAS
Environmental studies: From crisis to cureRajgopalan
Security & disaster managementInternet security & disaster managementAshok kumar

Best books for IAS main examination preparation

General Study Paper-IV


Book’s nameAuthor/ publication


Ethics, integrity & aptitudeEthics, integrity & aptitude for civil services main examSubba Rao & P N Roy choudhary

The book consists of details about ethics, integrity and aptitude.

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