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Geography Optional Books for IAS Mains Exam

Geography Books for IAS | Best Books for IAS Geography Optional | Geography Optional Book List

Many questions must be crossing through your mind about the best geography book to choose for UPSC optional. Before the time of civil services exam, the candidates don’t leave any stone unturned to excel in the exam by scoring a good score.  What they are confused about is the right selection of the geography optional books for UPSC that will help them to easily crack the exam.

1) ENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHY by H.M. Saxena: Click here

2) India Disasters Report II by Parasuraman S. and Unni Krishnan: Click here

3) Pacific Island Economies by Christopher Browne: Click here

4) A Geography by Population – R.C. Chandna: Click here

5) Climatology – D.S.Lal: Click here

6) Environmental Awareness – R.C.Chandna: Click here


8) Evolution of Geographic Thought-Majid Husain: Click here

9) Principles of Geomorphology-W.D. Thornbury: Click here

10) Regional Planning: Regional Planning by Mahesh Chand and V.K. Puri: Click here

11) Death Valley Desert: Fluent Plus by William B. Rice: Click here

12) Physical Geography by Savinder singh: Click here

12) Geomorphology by Savindra Singh: Click here

14) Climatology by Savindra Singh: Click here

15) Oceanography by Savindra Singh: Click here

16) Human Geography by Majid Husain: Click here

17) Population geography by Majid Husain: Click here

Getting yourself up and ready for IAS 2022 exam might need more than just one book help. The books which we mention here are the best ones for your preparation. While on the examination point of view, there are many best geography book for ias that are available in the market which many civil aspirants miss out every year. A large section of students who attend one of the top administration level exams is UPSC civil services exam. It is also one of the toughest exams in India. To attempt civil exams, applicants need special attention and should adopt special methods to prepare for these exams

Preparing for IAS exam with the proper book decides the number you are going to score in the competitive test. There are various hurdles to face before the arrival of the exam in terms of giving a good read to the best geography optional books of IAS 2022 exam. It would be very tough if you don’t have the required guidance that a good book can provide.  

BookAuthor NameDescription
Geomorphology/Climatology & oceanographySavindra SinghThis is a comprehensive book that is designed to cover the requirements of various board syllabuses including civils. It provides students with useful material on all courses concerned with the environment and how to manage it
Biogeography & ecology part of environmental geographyRupa seriesIt helps to gain knowledge on biogeography. You will come to know about ecological changes and imbalance.
Human geo theories – Human GeographyMajid HusainIf you want to learn the important models and theories in human geography at one place in a concise and cogent manner, It is the best book for you.
World agriculture in economic geoSiddarthaThe author systematically tried to integrate the latest development with their influence on human activities
Settlement geo – Spectrum’s geography guideRajiv AhirIn the latest edition of this book, the author tried to present the essentials of this vast subject concisely by overviewing various aspects pertaining to the geography of the world with special attention to India
Population geographyMajid HusainIt provides a geographical account of select attributes of the population as age, literacy rate, development index etc.

The best books which we have mentioned here are the most popular ones and good for the practice of all types of questions. If you have no idea how to go through the entire syllabus quickly, consider few books from the list which we have given on this page. You can get them at any famous stationary stores; order the best geography books for UPSC on MgiDeals or any e-bookstores to save your time.

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