Short Term Computer Courses in Hardware and Networking after 12th and Graduation

Hardware and Networking Courses after 12th and Graduation

Best Hardware and Networking Courses after 12th and Graduation

Hardware and Networking course
At present time each and every business and industry depends on the computer work, and thus it’s necessary to have knowledge about the computer to get a career in best industries. Computer hardware and networking is one of the best suitable short term courses to choose after 12th.

• Have you ever wondered how the computers work?
• What is the working of different parts of the computer?
• How are two or more computers linked to each other to share their data?

The answer to all these burning questions in your head can be solved by learning hardware and networking. Among the younger generation, hardware and networking is a demanding field. Hardware and networking is the sector whose growth is the highest in the IT department.

Things to know about Computer hardware
Computer hardware is the various combinations of components that make the computer system as a whole. These physical components mentioned above includes a mouse, keyboard, monitor, HDD, RAM, motherboard etc.

If you become a professional in the hardware department you will come across various components like chips, computer systems, motherboard, processor, circuit boards, RAM, external hard disks, and keyboard. So to become a professional in the field of hardware you must be in touch with all the above hardware components.

Things to know about Networking
Now, these computers exchange their data and information and the field that studies the exchange of data between the computers is called networking. This exchange of data can be done by 2 ways, via cable or via wire. The biggest example of networking is the internet. The most common type of hardware network on a network includes a router, switch, modem, hub, and dongle.

Short term Hardware and networking courses
There are many courses and programs regarding hardware and networking and these courses range from certification level to the master’s level. The students who are interested in the field of hardware and networking can pursue various courses after passing the 12th grade.

Certification courses in networking
LINUX, it is one of the most popular courses in the networking department. Certifications of CISCO are CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE.

The diploma courses in computer hardware
Diploma in computer hardware and maintenance, advanced diploma in computer hardware maintenance and networking, diploma in computer hardware and networking and DCNT (Diploma in Computer Networking Technology)

The Bachelor degree courses in networking and hardware
There are also some bachelor degree courses in hardware and networking, you can choose after 12th. The duration of these courses is 3 years. These courses are:
• BCA in hardware and networking
• in hardware and networking

The Master courses in hardware and networking
• M Tech in network engineering
• Postgraduate Diploma in hardware and networking
• in hardware and networking.

After completing your Bachelor or Master’s course you can easily pursue a career in hardware and networking. There are many colleges in India that offer hardware and networking courses.

Education qualification required to select hardware and networking courses
The interested candidates those who want to pursue a career in hardware and networking are required to pass the minimum higher secondary examination. There are also some institutions who organize their own exams to provide the entrance for the students.

You can make a good career in the networking field especially after completing your Bachelor’s in computer science engineering. If you want to advance further in the field of networking you can do M Tech.

Career options in computer hardware and networking
The scope of hardware and networking is huge. Many small and large organizations all around the world now use computers, desktop, mobiles, laptop and the internet.

Job titles in hardware department
In hardware, the job responsibility is to take care of hardware part if computer. The job designations available are:
• System Engineer,
• Design engineer,
• Project engineer.

Job titles in Networking
In networking the job responsibility is to take care of networking between the computer system, the data transfer in between various systems and other connectivity. There are some networking job designations like:
• The System administrator,
• IT administrator
• Network Administer.

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