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How to Prepare for B.A. (Political Science)

If you want are searching for how to prepare for B.A. (Political Science) to score highest marks and become a part of government, politics and want to spend your life in service to others, then you are in the right place. Listed below are some preparation tips for B.A. (Political Science) that can help you to score the highest marks in the exams.

Adopt best study habits: To perform excellently in the exams, each student must adopt some important study habits that could help them stand out from others such as creating an effective study plan and following that anyhow, being punctual and disciplined, balancing their academic and personal life etc.

Relate with real life: Try to relate the dates of various events to some related dates of your life. Suppose, if some battle happened in 1880 and you born in 1980, then just remember that it happened 100 years before you were born. This way you won’t ever get confused with the dates of any historical event.

Refer previous year papers: You must refer previous year B.A. (Political Science) exam papers in order to easily understand the level of questions which can be asked in the exams. This can also help to recognize the important topics on which you need to pay extra attention.

Highlight important points: Always highlight important points while you study. The highlighted text saves your time from reading the whole chapter next time when you study. The same you can do in the exams by underlining important points and headings that grabs the attention of the examiner and can fetch you perfect scores.

Take regular breaks: Avoid continuous study for a longer duration. In place of that, you should take regular breaks after every hour of study for a minimum of 5 minutes to relax your mind and regain energy for the next study session. This can help your brain focused and alert during the study.

What are the career options after Political Science Honours?

  • If you select political science for graduation, you’ll have a wide variety of options open to you after graduation.
  • If you have strong critical thinking, writing, and research skills then you can become a Policy Analyst.
  • Legislative Assistant who prepare briefings for their legislator and other office staff.
  • Public Relations Specialist to organize and publicize press conferences and other events.
  • You can also become a Social Media Manager and Marketing Research Analyst.

What are the subjects come under Political Science?

  • Political Science deals with the systems of governance, analysis of political behaviour, thoughts and activities. It comprises of various subfields like Political Theory, Comparative Politics, Public Administration, Political Economy, International Relations, Public Policy and Political Methodology. Political Science is also related to Law, History, Geography, Philosophy, Economics, Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology.

How much money can you make with a Political Science degree?

  • The salary earned by a political science graduate can vary greatly, depending on the degree level and job location. According to 2016 statistics released by, graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree typically earn an annual median salary around $45,000 with less than one year of experience and it increases with the experience. The median earnings with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree were around $42,000 with less than one year of experience.

How can I become a Political Scientist?

  • An aspiring Political Scientist needs a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, History, Foreign Affairs, International Relations, or other related major. Some positions may require a graduate degree and/or 2-8 years of experience. A Political Scientist should have good analytical, critical thinking and research skills and be able to present well both orally and in writing. He or she should also have knowledge about government and law.

How can I start my career in Politics?

  • How can I start my career in Politics?
    Politics can be a challenging field for people who want to spend their lives in service to others. Whether you want to run for office, manage campaigns, or work in a policy environment, politics is stressful, competitive and requires high energy. You will need to understand the government and the political process. Make a career in politics by studying Political Science and History, volunteering and interning in the field and getting involved in local campaigns and issues.

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