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How to prepare for class 10 board exams

 CBSE 10th class board exam plays a vital role in a student’s academic life. Class 10th examination is considered as the highlighting point for taking admissions in higher education and competitive exams. To achieve the highest marks in the exam and creating a lasting impression with perfect writing in the exam is sometimes tough for the students worry about how to prepare for class 10 board exams.

Here are some tips that help in the preparation for the 10th board exam and reduce your stress:-

Don’t Study Continually: – Divide the whole syllabus for each subject in different parts whatever the time you decide for your studies. When you study continually in one position then you feel tired and burden over the head. SO try some cool breaks and tap on your shoulder which gives the positive vibes in your mind.

Feel Fresh in Study: – Always try to study in the fresh air like in early morning and evening time. This will reduce your stress and burden. Avoid oily foods during your preparation and eat green vegetable and fruits. Spend some time with friends and family or relax with some music.

Avoid Distractions:- Whenever you decide to go for studies then keep all your gadgets aside, turn off your TV, don’t participate in any social media gossips those distract you from the studies. Use the internet for study purpose only and lock all other distractive sites or materials.

Set Time Table: – Always set your timetable first according to the subject wise exams and divide the easy and difficult topics with time gap which helps in lessen your burden. Make a list of items or materials like books, scanners, question paper pattern etc. that you need during preparation with a full focus on it.

Practise Test: – As you know practice makes a man perfect. So, always do some practice exercise or solve the related and previous years question papers that helps in recognizing and easily understanding of style. This will also increase your speed and accuracy in the exams.

Some FAQ’s that most of the students search on the search engines like Google and Bing etc.

How can I achieve the highest score in board exam?

  • Follow these steps:-
  • Don’t be panic after holding the exam paper in your hand.
  • Take a deep breath and think positive.
  • Read the full question paper first.
  • Mark the questions that you know well.
  • Calculate the time in your mind to attempt each Que.
  • Recognize the answer and write it with speed and accuracy.

How many hours given to the board examination preparations?

  • If you want to get the top position in your 10th class CBSE board exam then you have to dedicate yourself towards your studies and give at least 8 to 10 hours regularly in different subjects so during exam time you can prepare yourself easily.

kind of materials we have to follow for class 10 board exam 2019?

  • Different kinds of books are available on every subject. But note some points:-
  • Don’t go for all books as it creates a lot of confusion in your mind.
  • Every book contains the same definition but with different styles.
  • Just go for 1 or 2 books which are sufficient for preparation.
  • Study some sample papers and previous years solved papers.

How can I remember the answers easily?

  • All this depend upon your ability but you can easily remember the difficult topics with the help of some illustrations or assuming some real-life examples which can help you to answer accurately.

How to prepare for CBSE class 10 board exam?

  • Follow these steps:-
  • Must know the syllabus of each subject.
  • Follow the NCERT book for class 10th examination.
  • Mark the important points.
  • Separate all the subjects.
  • Set the time table for studies.
  • Know your weak and strong points.
  • Revise each topic twice.
  • Stay Healthy and Vigorously.


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