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How to prepare for class 10 board exams

Social Science is often considered to be one of the most dreadful subjects by the majority of students. If you are one of them and want to know how to study Social Science class 10 CBSE then you are in the right place. Listed below are certain tips for how to prepare for SST exam class 10 that can help you fetch excellent scores.

Here are some tips to study maths for class 10 for those who love mathematics and those fear from this subject:-

Don’t cramming the Maths: Most of the students learn or cram the mathematics as other subject but don’t cram it. Maths is a practical subject and you can make your practice better by solving the sums of the given exercise from NCERT books or other CBSE based books. More the practice you make during exams more the marks you will get in exams.

Make a Formulae Chart: Make your maths formulas in a separate notebook or in the chart so you can easily remember all the formulas without searching in books. You can also do the same for important theorems and methods while preparation.

Use of Figures & Graphs: Use Figures and Graphs in the exam with a proper understanding of formulas which helps in getting more marks. A figure also helps in understanding how the formulas derived and you can derive more formulas and equation from the main formula.

Follow the Syllabus: CBSE 10th class examination follows the NCERT books and other CBSE text-based books. So, follow the latest syllabus that comes in the CBSE pattern. Also, solve the previous year’s question papers, practice mock test, and guess papers, sample papers to increase your writing speed, accuracy.

Make a Perfect Plan: Set your study timetable for class 10 CBSE board. Schedule the entire chapters according to the date sheet within desired days. Mark the tough and easiest one. Don’t take the stress. Take some breaks between different chapters and study regularly before the exams held.

Some FAQ’s related to how to study maths for class 10 by most of the students in various search engines

How to solve the Maths CBSE Board Exam Question Paper?

  • Solve the entire easiest question first and number it correctly on your answer sheet.
  • Wear your watch on hand to manage the time for each question but don’t in a hurry.
  • If you forget something between the attempting questions then leave it and go for other question without wasting your time.
  • Answers all the question that are mandatory for passing even if you don’t know the answers but try to write and think you can solve it.
  • If you think you have not the good mental ability for calculations and speed then solve those questions first which you know well.

Is NCERT Books good for practicing mathematics class 10th board exam?

  • NCERT books cover the CBSE board syllabus and students those appear in their matriculation exam can often use the NCERT books along with their CBSE based textbooks to study in a better and efficient way. An NCERT book uses the clear concept of the sums and MCQ’s that also helps in further competitive exams. This will also help in developing your skills an thinking ability.

What are the basic requirements during the maths CBSE class 10 board exams?

  • Manage your study time first.
  • Collect all the necessary notes that follow the CBSE pattern or NCERT books, samples etc.
  • Solve some puzzles to sharpen your calculation and brain.
  • Use Realistic examples to solve the reasoning sums.
  • Use a pencil and scale to draw the figures and graphs.

How Can I Score full marks in CBSE class 10 Math Exam?

  • If you want to get the full marks then practice on important topics like:-
  • Study trigonometry and Stats questions in your first attempt.
  • After that some constructional sums, algebra sums, important
  • theorems like Circle, Pythagoras etc.
  • Revise all your important and basic formulas.
  • Solve 4 marks questions sums from NCERT books.
  • Avoid late night study when you have an exam the next day.
  • Calculate your speed while practicing and prepare yourself better during exams.
  • This way you will get higher scores.

How many hours should I study Mathematics Subjects?

  • Mathematics is a high scoring subject and the best you practice for your calculations best you will get in return as a result. Don’t do the silly mistakes that you already have done before. If your speed and calculations are fast then you can finish it with 5 to 6 hours with perfect usage of formulae and equation and if you

have less speed then you must practice hard for 10 hours with some fresh breaks in between.

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