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How to prepare for social science exam class 12

CBSE class 12 exams play an important role in every student life for making their future bright. When their exams are going to start many students feel anxious about how to prepare for social science exam class 12? In addition, with this anxiety, they forget to work hard and take a lot of burden in their mind. Very Clearly No exam is tough, as it requires only dedication and sincerity.

Here are some few tips for those who want to get higher marks in their SST exams of class 12 CBSE and for those who worry about it:-

Make your start earlier before the final exams: –   As you know that SST includes the different sections like History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. The syllabus is very vast and if you want to learn the whole syllabus within a few days then it might be tough. Therefore, it is very good for the students to start their preparation for social science exam early before the final exams then it will not increase the workload of exams.

Highlight the important sections: – When it comes to CBSE board exam class 12 then it noted that question comes from any section from the desired subject. Moreover, it is good for you to read the entire chapter and mark the important topics of SST class 12 with a highlighter pen or pencil. With this, you can easily memorize the important section anytime during the exams.

Make visualization about the Subject in your mind: – The sections of SST like history and economics sometimes cause a boring effect when you start your reading process as it covers the huge syllabus with history dates, statics of the country. Most of the students find difficult to remember these sections. The solution and easy way to learn these parts are by creating the visual events of the desired chapter in your mind with a story like reading and you will learn or remember the important chapters of SST class 12 2019 for a long time.

Make a Notebook for important dates, names, & numbers: – Social science subject of CBSE examination has four sections. Students worry about to learn the dates in the history section, names of warriors, dates of some laws implementation, numbers of members in parliament etc. For this, make a separate notebook to memorize in a better way for the best results in exams.

Refer to some sample papers: – Samples papers play a vital role during the examination time. CBSE often repeat some of the questions in the present examination that already used in the previous year’s question papers in different sets. Therefore, you must buy some CBSE 12th social studies sample paper, which repeatedly so you can learn them effectively for getting the best results.

Hope the above tips are beneficial to make CBSE notes for class 12 for social science subjects and. Below are some FAQ’s that most of the students asked before appearing into the final examination:-

How can we prepare social science exam within two days?

  • If you want to study your social science subject then you must note these points:-
  • You must set your study timetable for class 12 CBSE.
  • You must understand the discipline of your vocabulary.
  • You must understand the concept of each topic in different subject Social Science, Science Maths, English, or Hindi.
  • You must understand the importance of each theory.
  • If you follow the above steps with full consciousness then you can do your exams preparation well irrespective of days required.

How can I study the SST exam for class 12 CBSE Board?

  • As discussed in the above steps you need to make memorize the important dates and numbers but with this, you must know the reason behind them and answer according to the questions. If you feel problem in learning such dates then don’t get the burden of it. You can write the answers in points depend upon the marks selected for the questions and for this practice your writing style so you can manage the time accurately.

How can I find the best institution near me for taking tuition classes?

  • To get Social Science Tuition for Class 12 is a great idea if you feel that you can learn with the help of a tutor very well and score higher marks in the desired subject. You can find the best tutor near your geographical locations by searching on the search engine like Google etc. and get the offline classes from the best coaching institute for class 12 in Delhi i.e. MgiEdu.

How can I score above 90 in SST subject?

  • Exam tips for class 12 Social Science:-
  • Always be confident during the exams time.
  • First, read the entire question paper with a peaceful mind.
  • Attempt those questions first which you know very well.
  • Don’t think about the examiner on duty give your best presentation in exams.
  • Don’t get confused by seeing the speed of another just set you to watch.
  • Make sure your answers numbers are accurate as per mention in the question pattern.
  • Always attach the Map with your SST exam.

How Can I learn things smarty rather than hard?

  • Follow these tricks for your CBSE class 12 exams:-
  • Attend all your classes before the final exams as you learn important things every day.
  • Read and Review all your notes after the lecture/class.
  • Arrange your notes in a proper manner.
  • Go ahead with group discussions.
  • Explain or teach others that you heard or learned about the subject.
  • Think positively and trust yourself.

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