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How to Prepare for SSC Maths

SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude section will test the candidates’ mathematical skills. The questions are designed in order to test the ability of appropriate use of numbers and number sense of the candidate. This section demands in-depth knowledge of all the formulas and the pattern of question asked to get a good score. Therefore, rigorous practice is required for this section. Listed below some of the ways on how to prepare for SSC CGL Maths:

Time Management: You are required to manage your time properly. Do focus on your weak areas and spend more time solving them and allocate little less time to practice those topics which are your strength areas. Try not to spend more than one minute to any question while solving them.

Work on your Basics: Don’t look for shortcuts in case you are a beginner. Try to learn basic concepts and gain in-depth knowledge of all the topics. Once you have built a command over all these topics, then you can move towards shortcuts or tricks for easy and quick calculations.

Practice Previous Year Questions: Try to practice as much previous years papers as you can. But don’t forget to follow the current pattern of the exam, as exams pattern keeps on changing from time to time. Practicing previous questions helps to test your preparation level and identify your strong and weak areas.

Learn Short-cut Methods: There is a need to increase calculation speed to save your time for solving tough questions in the exam that can be done by focussing on the short-cut methods and tricks. To gain accuracy and speed try to practice tricks and remember tables, squares, cubes, and square roots, etc.

Build a Proper Structure: Always follow a proper strategy and a time table for each and every section of the question paper. If you want to score more marks in Quantitative Aptitude section, then try to invest at least 2-3 hours every day for better output.


My Maths and English are weak then how should I prepare for SSC CGL?

  • If you are weak in Maths and English, then it will take 1 year to prepare for SSC CGL instead of 6 months, that’s all. Try to gain strength in Maths and start with your basics by solving NCERT books or state board books from class 6th to class 10th. Refer books of class 9th/10th for English grammar purpose and for all other things refer Word Power Made Easy and SSC CGL – MB publication.

What is the strategy for SSC CGL Maths?

  • First, you need to develop a strong foundation. Pick a book that is not very exhaustive and explains all the concepts well.
  • Solve previous year question papers to test your level of preparedness and gain good command over the concepts.
  • Tier 2 exam is extremely hard as compared to Tier 1. So to score good rank in that exam, pick any decent CAT level book and practice questions from that.

How should I start preparing for SSC CGL 2019 as I have almost 1 year to prepare?

  • First of all, get familiar with the whole pattern of this exam and then try to solve some previous year papers. By doing so, you will get a rough idea of the type of questions asked. Manage your timetable as per your convenience but I think daily 5 hours study is a must. One hour each for Reasoning, GK, English and 2 hours for Maths.

Could an average student with Maths, crack SSC CGL?

  • It depends on your strength, how hard you can compete. Even if people tell you that yes you can qualify the exam, the harsh reality is that you have to work hard or maybe harder than others (if you are not an average student but a weak student in mathematics) to achieve a good rank in SSC CGL. It is all up to you how far you can go for this job.

Are three months enough for an SSC CGL preparation?

  • If you can do hard work then you can also perform well after three months ofpreparation. Since you have 3 months from now and these 3 months will decide your future of 30 years. So, don’t waste a single day of these three months. Try to avoid social media and or other activity. If you need conceptual clarity then you can also join any good coaching. Try to study 8-10 hours daily.


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