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Indian History General Knowledge Objective Questions and Answers | Test-2

1. Gopatha Brahmana is attached to
A. Rigveda
B. Yajurveda
C. Atharvaveda
D. Samveda

2. The chief or main form of property in the Rigveda was
A. Gold
B. House
C. cattle wealth
D. Land

3. The Sutta Pitaka was settled under the leadership of
A. Upali
B. Asvajit
C. Ananda
D. Mogallana

4. The four varnas are mentioned for the first time in the
A. Prithvi Sukta
B. Taittitiya Samhita
C. Purusa Sukta
D. Vajasaneyi Samhita

5. Which of the following did the Buddha not believe in
A. The authority of the Vedas
B. Superiority of the Brahmana
C. The efficacy of sacrifices
D. The theory of rebirth
a) A, B & C
b) B, C & D
c) A, B & D
d) A, B, C and D

6. Milinda Panha is written in
A. Prakrit
B. Pali
C. Greek
D. Sanskrit

7. Who among the following Sunga rulers is known to have undertaken the performance of the asvamedha
A. Muladeva
B. Pushyamitra
C. Devabhuti
D. Dhanadeva

8. King Kharavela was an ardent follower of
A. Jainism
B. Ajivikas
C. Buddhism
D. Saivism

9. The Bharhut stupa was built with donations received from the residents of
A. Nasik
B. Pataliputra
C. Vaishali
a) A and B
b) B and C
c) A and C
d) All of these

10. The famous Tirukkural by Tiruvalluvar forms part of the 
A. Patinenki ikanakku 
B. Pattupattu
C. Ettuttogai
D. Akananuru

1. D) Samveda
2. C) Cattle Wealth
3. C) Ananda
4. C) Purusa Sukta
5. A) A, B and C
6. B) Pali
7. B) Pushyamitra
8. A) Jainism
9. D) All of these
10. A) Patinenki Ikanakku

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