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Indian History Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

1. The rulers of which of the following was/were called tarafdar by the Mughal monarchs
A. Gujarat
B. Golconda
C. Ahmadnagar
D. Bijapur and Golconda

2. The Chalukyan capital was shifted from Manya-kheta to Kalyani by
A. Somesvara I Ahavamalla
B. Perma Jagadekamalla II
C. Tailappa III
D. Vikramaditya VI

3. Which one of the following Vijayanagar rulers was the author of Amuktamalyada
A. Bukka I
B. Deva Raya II
C. Harihara II
D. Krishna Deva Raya

4. The noble serving Sultan Naseeruddin Mahmud who lost the top post due to the machinations of Balban was
A. Imaduddin Raihan
B. Amir Yaqut
C. Zafar Khan
D. Tughril Beg

5. Which one of the following kingdoms was not in the alliance that crushed the Vijayanagar Empire in the Battle of Talikota (1565)
A. Golconda
B. Berar
C. Bijapur
D. Ahmadnagar

6. Which of the following trade unions split away from the AITUC in 1929
C. Red Tuc
Choose the answer from the codes given below:
a) A and B only
b) B and C only
c) A, B, and D
d) B, C, and D

7. To which one of the following Sufi silsilah did Shaikh Bahauddin Zakaria belong
A. Suhrawardi
B. Naqshbandi
C. Qadriya
D. Chisti

8. Which one of the following correctly defines the term cartaz
A. Letters exchanged between European trading companies
B. A document permitting non-European traders for maritime activities in the Asian waters.
C. A Mughal royal Farman issued in French
D. Permission paper from the Mughal governors of Surat to allow European ships to anchor at Cambay

9. The Kharosthi script was derived from
A. Aramaic
B. Pictographs
C. Brahmi
D. Cuneiform script

10. The Vijayanagar rulers are remembered for promoting agriculture by
A. Purchasing food grains for the army
B. Building dams, tanks, and wells
C. Providing market facilities for agricultural products
D. Reducing tax on cultivated land

1. D) Bijapur and Golconda
2. A) Somesvara I Ahavamalla
3. D) Krishna Deva Raya
4. A) Imaduddin Raihan
5. B) Berar
6. B) B and C only
7. A) Suhrawardi
8. B) A document permitting non-European traders for maritime activities in the Asian waters.
9. A) Aramaic
10. B) Building dams, tanks, and wells

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