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Public Administration Books for UPSC IAS Mains

Public Administration Books | Best Book for Public Administration Optional

If you are dreaming to get the good score in IAS 2022 examination, one of the first things you need to do is to make a list of best books based on the syllabus of the exam. Selecting the best public administration book for UPSC optional is not a difficult task. You can purchase countless study materials and books from the market which promise good score in UPSC civil services exam. Do not purchase any and all of the books that you can get your hands on.   Some books can also leave you frustrated for not being able to go through all of them. Avoid this scenario by picking the Best Books for public administration Optional for UPSC civil services exam wisely.

Why you need to choose public administration books for UPSC carefully

Clearing the civil services exam is not a tough task, you need to spend hours of time in front of Pub Adm best books to answer the questions correctly. Time is a very precious resource in competitive exams. Selecting the wrong type of books can not only give you incorrect information but also wastes your time.

We know many candidates have doubts about the books that have to be considered for preparation. In this page, we have recommended some important public administration books for civil services exam which will help and guide you for better preparation.These books are easily available in the market and the standard is enough to answer any question that will be asked in UPSC exam.

1) Governance in India: Click here

2) Indian Administration, 1e: Click here

3) A Dictionary of Public Administration: Click here

4) Public Administration: Concepts and Theories: Click here

5) Introduction to The Constitution of India: Click here

6) Contemporary Debates in Public Administration: Click here

7) Administrative Thinkers by Prasad: Click here

8) Indian Public Administration by Arora: Click here

9) New Horizons of Public Administration by Mohit Bhattacharya: Click here

10) Public Administration by Fadia and Fadia: Click here

11) Public Administration and Public Affairs by Written by Nicholas Henry: Click here

12)Public Administration In India by L Fadia: Click here

13)Essentials Of Organizational Behavior 10th Edition by Robbinsv: Click here

14) Essentials Of Organizational Behavior 10th Edition by JudgeEssentials Of Organizational Behavior 10th Edition by Judge: Click here

15) Hand book on Public Administration and theories by Laxmikant: Click here

16) Administrative Theories and Management Thought: Click here

Book NameAuthorDescription
Administrative ThinkersPrasadBeing Written by two authors, It provides an account of the ideas and contributions of twenty-one thinkers to the discipline.  This is the best book for civil aspirants.
Indian Public AdministrationArora and GoyalIf you are looking for a book to gain some knowledge on the Indian political and administrative system, this book is a good choice.
New Horizons of Public AdministrationMohit Bhattacharya It introduces basic concepts of Public administration in a very good manner.
Public AdministrationFadia and FadiaThe latest edition of this book provides an up to date and very readable introduction to its subjects for students on courses of Public Administration and government guidelines.
Public Administration In India 1st EditionMaheshwariThis version narrates the development and role of the higher civil services and its allied services. Civil aspirants those who are preparing seriously  should not ignore
Public Administration and Public Affairs Written by Nicholas Henry It is a very important book for people who want to make the career in public administration.
Public Administration In IndiaL FadiaThis latest edition presents a fairly comprehensive view of the evolving Indian Administrative system at a critical period of its development
Essentials Of Organizational Behavior 10th EditionRobbins, Sanghi and JudgeBeing one of the bestselling books in the world, It  book covers all the key concepts needed to understand and respond to the behaviour of people in the real world
Hand book on Public Administration and theoriesLaxmikant and Basu RumkiThe book introduces you to public administration and the discipline as well as the profession in both western and non-western administrative contexts.

Your study material is your key to unlocking your civils aspirations. Therefore you need to be very careful while selecting reference books for public administration for UPSC exam.

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