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How to Prepare for Social Science Exam Class 10

Social Science is often considered to be one of the most dreadful subjects by the majority of students. If you are one of them and want to know how to study Social Science class 10 CBSE then you are in the right place. Listed below are certain tips for how to prepare for SST exam class 10 that can help you fetch excellent scores.

Clear about facts: In order to gain expertise in subjects like geography, history and civics, it is necessary to be clear about the facts. Remembering all the facts is undoubtedly becomes a difficult task therefore, you can prepare separate notes for each chapter that can help you remember for a long time.

Relate with real life: Try to relate the dates of battles to some related dates of your life. Suppose, if some battle happened in 1890 and you are born in 1990, then just remember that it happened 100 years before your birth. This way you won’t ever get confused with the dates of various historical events.

Solve sample papers: CBSE class 10 sample papers are very helpful for getting good marks in boards exam. They help to get an idea about the trend of questions asked in the exam. You can also practice mock tests as they also help to keep a check on speed and the writing skills.

Go through question paper: While sitting for CBSE class 10 exam, it is important to go through the question paper once to get an idea about the level of questions. But students must not get panic if some difficult questions occur. You can begin with the short answers first and then move on to the lengthy ones.

GHighlight important points: Always highlight headings and important points. The highlighted text grabs the attention of the examiner and most of the examiners then don’t bother to go through the whole written text. In that case, appropriate heading and highlighted important points can fetch you perfect scores.


How can I improve my grades in Social Science class 10 boards?

  • Look out the syllabus carefully and determine what you need to do to get success in the exams and plan your strategy accordingly.
  • Focus on the chapters with more weightage marks.
  • to
  • Create a chart of important dates and revise them multiple times.
  • Practice map work for tracing important locations.

How can I memorize Social Sciences for class 10?

  • Here are some tips to memorize Social Science for class 10:
  • Study with full concentration at a quiet place with all your study material.
  • Make a list of important ideas, points, concepts, dates and events including maps. Take notes of every important topic and highlight the main points.
  • Just go through the information that you have collected. Keep reading and studying them until your questions are answered.

How many hours should a 10th class student study?

  • The students should study a maximum of 10 hours and a minimum of 7 hours a day that is enough for them to pass. They should practice as much as they can through sample papers, and solving them in 3 hours by keeping a watch with them. This helps them to build confidence in themselves and avoid panic during the exam as it provides exam environment.

How do I study the 5 days before my exam?

  • Review your notes properly that you took in the class.
  • Do problems that were assigned for homework. Check your answers to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can join a study group as different people can see concepts in different ways that help to understand the question in different ways.
  • Ask someone to make up practice questions for you.
  • Have a light and healthy snack, like almonds and take proper sleep.

Which books do toppers prefer in class 10 board exams?

  • Toppers always prefer NCERT books in class 10 board exams because they really are the best. After fully understanding each chapter must solve the questions in between and at the end of the chapters. All these questions help to analyze your understanding of the concepts really well. You can also make notes in your own words and take multiple revisions of that for better understanding.


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